Zero In on the Problem: Try the New Bug Maniacs Jacksonville, FL Pest Control Service

Jacksonville, FL pest control company, BugManiacs, has added an additional service to their comprehensive list of eco-friendly bug control and extermination services. The company’s new service – On Site Pest Evaluation – seeks not only to find bugs, but also to see why the property became infested with unwanted pests in the first place.

The company’s expert pest control technicians perform a thorough inspection of a home using advanced methods and technology to find the hiding places of the pests, and the pathways to them. The vice president of BugManiacs, Tom Making says, “Just spraying chemicals around a home may temporarily get rid of the pests, but without finding the sources and causes of the infestation, they will just return to haunt you again and again.”

BugManiacs’ skilled technicians begin by locating the largest areas of infestation, and then tracing it back to the source using their own proprietary “bug tracking” technology. This special system tags the pests with a biodegradable chemical that reacts to the bug’s particular chemistry and emits a very specific radio frequency, which can be detected using an electronic device.

This way, the pest control team can trace the bug’s path and find every crack or void through which the pests enter the home and hide. These pathways can then be treated and blocked off to prevent re-entry. Their “maniac” bug technicians come armed with sealant, spackle, garden, and plumbing implements, window screen repair materials, and other tools to completely block the pest’s entry to a property.

Additionally, the professional exterminators at BugManiacs consult with the homeowners to discover what things might be making it easier for bugs to thrive in the home. They will help them to eliminate such things as food sources, moisture, and other factors that create a favorable environment for the offending creatures.

What sets BugManiacs apart from any other pest control service that Jacksonville has to offer is its holistic approach to pest management. By using a combination of cutting edge technologies, eco-friendly products, and effective preventive measures, they are able to rid a property of pests without creating a toxic environment for the inhabitants of a home.