Will we ever… get rid of bed bugs? BugManiacs Jacksonville, FL Pest Control Service has the answer

A BBC.com article digs into the alarming threat of bugs and takes a closer look on how the industry experts are trying to finds ways to eradicate the problem. After reading here that “95% of US pest control companies had treated a bed bug infestation in 2009, up from 25% a decade before,” we realized that bugs have been increasing and have indeed been invading our homes — without us even noticing.

Why? The same survey mentioned in the article provided the explanation: “…the majority of pest control operators from , Africa, Australia, Europe and North America said bed bugs were the most difficult insect pest to control, more so than termites, ants, and even the formidable cockroach.

“Most difficult to control” can be tough for anyone to handle, indeed. And with the areas mentioned, it can be gleaned from the survey that no place is bug-free.  Looks like pest control Jacksonville FL experts have a lot of bug-busting jobs to cover.

It is interesting that the article offered some information on how the pest control industry is measuring up when the author asked if there is chemical cure available this time around.  She went to ask if there are any relief to be found in the numerous bed bug products and services on the market.

And it said that chemicals are not the sole answer.  Heat treatments is offered as the ideal solution because studies have proven that bed bugs expire at 45C.

This is good news because there are pest control companies in Florida, like BugManiacs which uses heat treatments to get rid of bed bugs along with other pest control technologies they employ.