Why You Need a Jacksonville, FL Exterminator to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Water is essential for mosquitoes to multiply, but this year’s heavy rainfall in Southwest Florida is actually proving to be a deterrent. While this certainly makes things more difficult in the form of flooding in certain areas, an unexpected benefit lies in Kevin Lollar’s report for news-press.com. Apparently, certain types of mosquito eggs that typically hatch on damp ground aren’t able to because of too much rain:

A lot of rain has fallen on the area: 5 to 8 inches in some areas over the past week, with an area-wide average of 3 inches. So, where are the bugs?
Fact is that too much rain has fallen to be healthy for mosquitoes, said Shelly Redovan, spokeswoman for the Lee County Mosquito Control district.

Most of Lee County’s 48 mosquito species are what mosquito people call new-water mosquitoes; these species lay eggs on dry or damp, flood-prone ground, and the eggs hatch when they’re covered by rain or tides.

“We’re not seeing large numbers of new-water mosquitoes,” Redovan said. “Areas that have to be dry or moist for them to lay eggs in have been covered with water.”

Other natural mosquito controls, such as larvae-eating fish and mosquito-eating dragonflies, have also been contributing to controlling the mosquito population. However, Florida residents have to be aware of breeds which lay their eggs on standing water and it is vital for everyone to clear excess water left behind by rainfall on gutters, pots, eaves, etc. For even better protection, people should hire a professional Jacksonville, FL exterminator for defense against these pests because these are actually considered as the deadliest creatures in the history of the world.

Florida’s main disease carrying mosquitoes, Culex nigrapalpus and Aedes aegypti, can cause serious illnesses like St. Louis encephalitis and dengue fever; these and other types have claimed the lives of thousands of people over the years. Residents who do not pay attention to stagnant water risk allowing the breeding of these mosquitoes to continue unabated and this can cause the spread of infection. Of course, clearing these breeding grounds can be difficult, so homeowners can greatly benefit from the services of Jacksonville, FL exterminators like Bug Maniacs who can safely and effectively get rid of deadly insects and keep them away for as long as possible.

(From Rain bugs mosquitoes in Southwest Florida, www.news-press.com, September 20, 2013)