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If you want the best results, get the best people for the job. When it comes to pest control and management, you’d be hard-pressed to find a team of exterminators that is better than the one we have.

As one of the leading pest control companies based in Jacksonville, FL, Bug Maniacs is proud to have an entire team of dedicated and friendly exterminators on board. With numerous years of collective experience under their belts, our exterminators are more than capable of addressing any pest problem you may be facing. Whether you have a termite infestation or an ant colony in your backyard, know that you can always count on our exterminators to get the job done right.

Thorough and Friendly Pest Control Solutions

Our exterminators undergo rigorous training to ensure they are able to provide you with the level of service that our customers have come to expect from us. We take a methodical approach to pest control, allowing us to be thorough with our work:

1. Evaluation – Upon arrival, our exterminators conduct an on-site pest evaluation to identify the pests you are dealing with, as well as the source of your infestation. This allows us to choose the most effective pest control treatment and concentrate our efforts on the most problematic areas.

2. Exterminate – Equipped with the latest in pest extermination technology and the best eco-friendly pest control solutions, our exterminators quickly and efficiently deal with pests in your home. Whether you need bed bug treatment or termite control solutions, you can count on our team for a quick and effective response.

3. Prevention – We want your home to remain pest-free for as long as possible. Our bug control maintenance and prevention services are designed to help you achieve just that. Once all pests have been dealt with, our exterminators seal any cracks or other openings that provide pests access to your home. With regular follow-ups and preventive treatment, pests won’t be able to infiltrate your home again.

Quick Response Times and Prompt Service

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to pest infestations, especially when facing destructive pests like termites or disease-carrying pests like mosquitoes. This is why our exterminators are always ready to head out the moment we receive your call. This allows us to reach your home faster and eliminate pests quicker, so you can enjoy a clean and pest-free home sooner.

Happy to Serve Jacksonville and the Surrounding Areas

Do not hesitate to get in touch the next time you have a pest issue you need resolved! You can easily reach us by calling (904) 425-7341. We happily serve homeowners within Jacksonville, as well as customers in the surrounding areas, including: