What NPMA and Jacksonville FL Termite Treatment Firms Advise On Bed Bugs

Summers are a great time to get things done at homeā€”from getting the roofing system fixed for the rainy season to having your trusted Jacksonville FL termite treatment specialists bug-proof your home. Families in Florida can participate in various home repair activities during summer, like repainting fences and deep-cleaning rugs, to take advantage of the brighter sunshine and longer hours of daylight.

The weather, however, can get unbearably hot in the Sunshine State. The large number of tourists that arrive in the city may also cause inconvenience to locals, especially those living near Downtown Core. For these reasons, some Jacksonville residents spend their summer elsewhere, staying in some hotel or visiting relatives in another state.

Vacationing Americans are advised to be extra careful, though; there’s no telling what they might take home with them from these trips. According to the latest survey released by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the University of Kentucky, bed bug infestation all over the United States is not waning. Almost 100 percent of the 251 pest management companies surveyed reported they had treated homes and buildings for bed bug infestation during the last 12 months.

The surprising bad news is that the presence of these tiny bloodsucking creatures is no longer confined to beds; they are found behind headboards, dressers and other room furniture. They have also set up camp in taxicabs, theaters, office conference rooms, and subways. The study revealed that 75 percent of survey respondents dealt with infestation in hotels and motels in the past year, 47 percent in college dorms, 46 percent in nursing homes, and 41 percent in schools and day care centers.

In light of these findings, NPMA Vice President for Public Affairs Missy Henriksen suggests that travelers should inspect their hotel rooms before unpacking, particularly the mattress seams and box spring, which are seldom replaced for new guests. She adds that they should never place their luggage on upholstered surfaces as these may be breeding grounds of bed bugs and other pests. Henriksen advises tourists to put their suitcases inside a plastic garbage bag during their entire stay to prevent bed bugs from settling in the luggage.

Pest management companies confirmed that bed bugs, termites and other pests attack more frequently during warm spring and summer. Since most people travel or relocate houses at this time, anyone coming from a bed bug-infested place can potentially transport these bugs to their homes. The only way to curb the national problem is for homeowners to call pest control professionals like BugManiacs.

These specialists can conduct bed bug extermination and termite inspection in Jacksonville FL. They are equipped with the proper knowledge to deal with various pests.