Trusted Bed Bug Exterminator Offers Free Removal Services this Month

Jacksonville, Florida (August 08, 2013) – BugManiacs, one of the most trusted bed bug exterminator, is offering bed bug removal services for free to Florida residents in preparation for for next month’s National Bed Bug Awareness Month. The promotion runs for the whole month of August.

The free service includes bed bug assessment and treatment, as well as tips on how to spot a bedbug infestation. This offer is exclusive to Florida residents only, and covers up to three affected beds per house. This promotion, however, cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

Bed bugs have infested numerous hotels and homes in Florida in the past few years years. They can stealthily crawl on beds and bedding, air vents, dressers, furniture, and any spot where they have access to humans. Their bites can cause severe itchiness, skin rashes, blisters, and in some cases, trigger an allergic reaction.

BugManiacs understands how stressful it is for the homeowners to deal with bed bug infestation. That is why they develop a four-phase program that gets rid of this pesky problem. This involves extensive on-site pest evaluation to locate the bed bugs’ habitat and to determine the degree of their infestation. They will then apply control measures, which includes screening of windows, to stop bed bugs from causing more harm.

They will then get rid of the bugs using organic chemicals that are not harmful to homeowners’ and pets’ health. Lastly, they will conduct maintenance measures that include scheduled follow-up inspections and orientation of homeowners on preventing bed bugs infestation.

BugManiacs is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to bedbug control in Jacksonville, FL. The company was established by Jeffrey Goude, who decided to devote his time protecting people from pests after his own family experienced bed bug attacks. Today, BugManiacs is recognized as one of the best bug exterminator in the area with dedicated and skilled staff that provides efficient and effective solutions to bed bug outbreaks.

The company also provides pest control services for ants, termites, mosquitoes, and various other bugs, like cockroaches, wood borers, silverfish, and beetles. They use eco-friendly baits, repellants, pesticides, and other organic chemicals on all pest extermination and prevention procedures.

To avail of the promo or schedule an appointment for an on-site evaluation, visit them at

About BugManiacs

For over a decade, the family-owned company has been providing pest control solutions to the residents of Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas. They offer bed bug, ant, termite, mosquito, cockroach removal services. They use environment-friendly chemicals and follow a four-phase intervention program to effectively exterminate pests.