The Need for Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL: How not to Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Bed bugs: the name itself elicits horror stories that involve alien insects waiting for their victims to sleep before feeding on them. This image might get even someone who doesn’t care much about hygiene to have his sheets and pillows disinfected every week. Yet an article from postulates that there are a lot more facts about these creatures that you might not know about, like the fact that despite their name, they don’t just thrive in pillows and bedsheets.

These creatures are some of the reasons so many people in Florida’s largest city are rushing to get themselves some much needed pest control services. Like many harmful pests that might be lurking in your house, bedbugs feed on blood, with most of the recorded feeding activity occurring at night, thus the name. Therefore, if you want to keep these tiny vampires away from your home (no, garlic probably won’t do the job), contact dependable Jacksonville, Florida pest control for an inspection and treatment today.

While they lurk mostly in cracks and crevices like your mattress seams, they can also thrive behind baseboards, inside electrical panels, and even picture frames. Most bedbug infestation reports happen in family homes and in apartments and condos, not to mention hospitals and even college dorm rooms. Trusted pest control professionals like BugManiacs should have the right equipment to weed out these pests and keep them from multiplying in your home.

Many believe that bedbugs appear only in third-world countries or urbanized cities; this is an utter myth. In fact, these creepy crawlies have been found in all 50 states, with the highest concentration in the Midwest and in the South. Also, if you’re thinking of somehow starving out the colonies, you will have very little luck, seeing as they can live for several months without a single blood meal.

If you want to know what’s probably the worst thing about a bedbug, just imagine being alone in your room with a vampire that also happens to be a well-known anesthesiologist. That’s right, the reason people don’t usually wake up after a bedbug bite is that their saliva contains a natural anesthetic that increases bloodflow, making the process quick and virtually painless.

With all these horrible facts about the bedbug, it’s only natural that you engage services in pest control from Jacksonville, Florida companies. Make sure, though, that the contractors that you hire are reputable enough to do an effective and thorough job in getting rid of the nasty little critters. While you’re at it, make sure that they use environmentally-safe procedures and chemicals, too.