Ants may not seem like a problem at first, especially since they can feed on other insects, but they can become nuisances when they start coming for your food. They are some of the most persistent vermin you can come across, and they will do anything to reach your food stores. Spraying a line of ants will do no good; for as long as the rest of the colony remains intact, more will come to steal your food.

A single ant queen can produce thousands of eggs each day, so if you want to rid yourself of your ant problem, you will have to deal with the queens. It will take more than just a can of insecticide to deal with an entire colony, though. Should you ever suffer an ant infestation problem, call Bug Maniacs. We provide pest management solutions from our location in Jacksonville, FL to the surrounding communities.

Types of Ants

Florida, unfortunately, is teeming with numerous ant species that can be considered pests. Examples include the acrobat ant, the black carpenter ant, the crazy ant, the ghost ant, the pharaoh’s ant, and even the infamous red imported fire ant. Florida is also host to its own ant variations: the Florida carpenter ant and the Florida Harvester ant. Typically, these ants are invasive, and can be found hiding almost anywhere inside or near your home.

Dealing with Ants

Unlike other pests, such as termites, ants are not afraid to move about in the open. If you see an orderly line of ants trooping from one location to another, there is a good chance that they are from a colony nearby. You could try to trace ants back to their colony, but most of the time, their nests are located in hard-to-reach places. Additionally, there is a good chance that there will be more than one colony within your property, rendering the discovery of one moot.

To enter your home, ants will use small openings in between your windows and doors, and even cracks in your wall. Usually, ants will send scouts to find possible food sources within your home. Once these scouts find something, they will trek back to the colony to inform the rest of the brood of a possible food source. You could deal with these scouts as soon as you find them, but that will not solve the looming issue of an ant colony just itching to attack.

How Bug Maniacs Helps You

Bug Maniacs helps you deal with all your ant problems, especially with the ones you do not see. We can find all the possible nesting locations within and near your home, and then deal with the insects with our own green and non-toxic pest control products. By dealing with the queen, we stop the growth and expansion of further ant colonies and discourage further invasions of your home.

In addition to providing pest control, Bug Maniacs also helps you deter future attacks by ants. We can seal and/or caulk small openings and cracks around your home to shut out ants. We can also help clean parts of your home that could easily turn into nesting grounds for ants.

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