Dealing with Florida’s Most Common and Frustrating Household Pests

Florida’s relatively warm weather conditions are too perfect for most species of vermin. Its tropical climate makes it ideal for bugs to propagate during warmer periods, and for termites and mosquitoes, specifically, to feed during and after rainy weather. It is precisely because of these conditions that residents need to take pest control more seriously, and Bug Maniacs can help.

Bug Maniacs is a comprehensive pest control company based in Jacksonville, FL that serves clients within the community, as well as those in nearby areas such as Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach, Orange Park, Avondale, and Saint Augustine. If you are suffering an invasion from any critters, do not hesitate to contact us immediately, and we will see to your issue within the same day.

These are the vermin Bug Maniacs can manage and control for you:


At best, ants are only moderately annoying with their stinging bites. At worst, however, ants can mess up your electrical systems, cause damage to indoor structures, and ruin your food supplies. It does not help that some individuals can be allergic to ant venom, and the results can sometimes be fatal. Some types of ants create ant hills that can appear on yards, while other species can nest within the walls and structures of a home.

We can conduct on-site evaluation to crack down on any possible ant nests in your property, both indoors and outdoors. Once we have identified possible ant infestations and/or ant hills, we can then move to fumigate or exterminate the pests.


Mosquitoes are not exactly deadly on their own; at the very least, their bites can be uncomfortable. Their bloodsucking feeding habits, however, make them perfect vectors for blood-borne diseases. These vermin breed on standing and stagnant water, especially following rainfall, which means homeowners need to be wary of any bodies of water near their properties.

Bug Maniacs scours your property for any and all bodies of water, and will immediately flag any puddles or pools with mosquito larva for extermination. We use water-based and biodegradable substances to control mosquito larvae populations and prevent their spread. Moreover, we use fumigation to control adult mosquitoes and to ensure that every corner of your home is clear of the deadly insect.


Termites are some of the most persistent and destructive pests you could ever encounter. The pests voraciously feed on wood and paper. As they chew through wood, termites bore their way through the material, creating hidden paths for them to continue their relentless assault from. There are two types of termites: those that feed on dry wood, and those that thrive on moist wood (especially after a bit of rainfall).

As these pests are often difficult to find—since they hide within the wood and nest underground—it would be best to leave the job of completely exterminating them to us. We will screen your entire home for termites, and use safe, EPA-approved substances to bring them under control.


Bedbugs may be the least intrusive of the various pests on this list, but they can still be a nuisance to some. These nocturnal pests come out at night to feed on the blood of sleeping individuals. After feeding, these parasites hide nearby, in places and things such as mattresses, dressers, furniture, and even in electronics such as laptops. Their bites can cause skin rashes and can trigger severe allergic reactions in some individuals.

As with termites, Bug Maniacs can thoroughly search your home and belongings for any possible bedbug infestations. Once we detect their presence, we deal with them using our proprietary bug control products.

Other Pests

In all its years of business, Bug Maniacs has dealt with various types of pests, such as silverfish, cockroaches, spiders, and much more. Approach us today, and let us put together an inclusive pest management plan that deals with your specific pest infestation problem.