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The bugs that are invading your home (or that are about to) can be a very tenacious lot. Even if you purchase and use as many pest control products, you might not even be close to actually putting a dent on the critters’ population. Typical pest control products might be effective in dealing with the occasional encounter, but in the long run, you will want a permanent solution. You will need a very effective control solution that gets to the bottom of your pest concerns and completely gets rid of it.

Bug Maniacs provides full-service pest control solutions that will free your home from pest infestations. We also develop maintenance programs to help prevent any more attacks from unwanted critters. From our location in Jacksonville, FL, we serve local customers, as well as those based in the nearby communities of Orange Park, Atlantic Beach, Fernandina Beach, Saint Augustine, Avondale, and other areas.

Safe and Effective Control Services

Our team is well-equipped to deal with whatever pests are plaguing your property. We perform bug control, bedbug extermination, ant extermination, mosquito extermination, and termite extermination, among other vermin control services. In addition to these pests, we also focus our pest control services on notorious and highly-destructive pests like termites. In all our pest management services, we use our own proprietary products to control the critters. Our products are green and non-toxic, and will not leave behind any residues that could be harmful to you, your household, and/or your pets.

While we can be called to eliminate ongoing pest issues, we also offer management services to preempt any possible infestations. Upon arrangement, we can schedule periodic pest management to keep your property bug-free longer. Let us repair or mend any cracks on the wall or damaged window screens to prevent the entry of vermin.

Competent Technicians

For the most severe of pest problems, you will need the most qualified people for the job, and our team is up to the challenge. Our experienced technicians will work their hardest to ensure that your property is completely pest-free. Customer service is our focus, and you can expect our technicians to be very accommodating.

Bug Maniac’s technicians want to deliver a quality customer experience like no other. After making arrangements with us, our team will arrive punctually to your location. During the pest management process, they will make sure to keep your property clean as they work to eliminate vermin, and will clean up after themselves. Most of all, all our technicians are courteous and respect all clients.

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