Pest Control Maintenance Program

Once pests have been eradicated from your home, the most important preventive step begins. After all, pests won’t bother invading your home if nothing attracts them to it; however, what attracted the initial infestation can easily invite another infestation in the future. We make sure that this doesn’t happen.

As one of the premier pest control and management companies in Jacksonville, FL, Bug Maniacs offers customers a comprehensive maintenance program that is designed to keep your home pest-free for longer periods of time. Whether you took advantage of our bedbug extermination or termite extermination services, we can guarantee that common pests in your area will never terrorize your home again.

It’s All In the Follow Through

We fully understand that our job isn’t over after our mosquito extermination, ant extermination, and other pest extermination services. Keeping your home pest-free requires vigilance—something all of our staff members have in bunches. No matter how simple the bug control treatment you need, we will make sure that your home is completely free of pests and stays that way for long.

After our eco-friendly treatments have removed all pests from your home, our exterminators will drop by for follow-up maintenance checkups. These maintenance checkups allow our exterminators to ensure that there is no chance of another infestation occurring. Our exterminators can also identify factors, such as faulty screen doors, that increase the risk of recurring infestations. These follow-up maintenance checkups can be scheduled monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly (depending on the severity of the initial infestation) and are free-of-charge.

We also realize that the little things you do every day at home can determine whether your home stays free of pests or not. Our exterminators take the time to educate all of our customers on best practices for preventing termites, mosquitoes, ants, and bedbugs from coming back. By following these best practices, homeowners can make their homes less inviting to pests.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Is Our Specialty!

To help maintain the pest-free condition of your home, we have developed our own line of preventive pest control treatments. Made from natural compounds that deter pests, our eco-friendly treatments are applied to all areas of high risk in your home during follow-up checkups. Whether you need ant or termite control services, we will always use a suitable and eco-friendly treatment solution.

Although Bug Maniacs is located in Jacksonville, FL, we happily serve customers in neighboring cities in Florida, including:

The next time you find yourself with a pest problem that just won’t go away, turn to Bug Maniacs. Our award-winning pest control services and maintenance program are sure to wipe out any infestation. To schedule an on-site evaluation, do not hesitate to call us at (904) 425-7341.