School to Home Invasion: Call On Jacksonville, FL Pest Control Experts

Have you been checking your kids’ school materials for bedbugs? reports that schools may now be a source of this infestation as students from affected homes unknowingly bring these pests to school. The report advises parents to conduct a daily routine of cleaning their children’s belongings before they go to school:

As parents and students prepare to begin another school year, one back-to-school routine they may have to add to their duties is checking backpacks, school items and clothing for bed bugs.

Communities across the country have seen an increased number of bed bug infestations in recent years. As these pests infiltrate more homes, they’re hitching rides on backpacks, clothing, books and other items to make their way into schools.

Bed bugs that travel into a school in one student’s backpack can be carried home in the clothes of another, making the school a nucleus for the spread of bed bugs to households.

Thankfully, bedbugs do not carry diseases, but bites can result in severe itching and welting, and these can trigger allergic reactions. There has been an increase in the number of these incidences across the country in recent years, and Jacksonville, Florida communities aren’t exempted. An infestation in your home can be prevented by regularly vacuuming and changing your bedding, linens, and curtains; however, the most effective way to get rid of bedbugs and other household pests is through the services of professional Jacksonville, FL pest control companies.

Exterminating pests can be a sensitive process because it involves chemicals that may be harmful to humans when applied incorrectly, particularly in areas around the house that residents spend a lot of time in like bedrooms and living rooms. Thus, in addition to being more effective, professional pest control in Jacksonville is also safer. Workers from companies like Bug Maniacs are well-trained to determine the right amounts of chemicals needed and how to use them properly without endangering occupants.

Even if you can’t find any sign of bedbugs, it is still important to have your place checked. These organisms are so small that they may be tough to detect so it’s vital to have an expert assess your property to make sure that small problems don’t grow into full blown infestations.

(From Checking for bed bugs: A new back-to-school routine?,, August 6, 2013)