Rely Only on Professionals for Effective Pest Control in Jacksonville

Though people want to keep their premises as free from pests as possible, it’s often an extremely difficult path for any house, hotel, or office workspace to be completely free of bugs. If such a feat were to be accomplished, there’s still a good chance that the pests would eventually return in the future. The has an article describing the resilience of bedbugs:

“I was so happy because this place is so beautiful, it’s like a five-star hotel,” said Ibanez in Spanish, his native and predominant language. “It’s pretty, but it’s a problem. It’s full of those little animals.”

Ibanez said he learned the previous tenant lived in that unit infested with bed bugs but never reported it. The management company that runs the senior apartments has given the unit six chemical treatments.

The bugs just won’t go away.

“As with anywhere, there are bed bugs everywhere across the country,” said Sherri Campanale, director of housing of operations for the Fort Myers Housing Authority. “Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to prevent them either.”

This problem is something that Jacksonville residents frequently experience. Bedbugs are just some of the things that pest control in Jacksonville strives to get rid of. Companies like Bug Maniacs can remove these creatures and prevent them from coming back. The job can be very difficult for those who aren’t experts in the field because some species are very resistant to chemicals and will require the use of specialized equipment and techniques.

Even the task of detecting bedbugs can prove to be very challenging since they are extremely small and their effects aren’t immediate. Oftentimes, the most obvious indicators for their presence are the bites themselves. Anyone who notices strange, itchy blotches and rashes that go along the arm, shoulders, face or neck despite having no skin disorders or infections should consider calling


Leaving pests to multiply will lead to worse problems that will take even more time and effort to clean up. Thus, hiring a Jacksonville pest control company is essential for prevention. Some experts employ sophisticated tracking devices to determine potential hiding and breeding locations of pests, which are necessary because many colonies are burrowed underground and may be difficult to spot.

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