Promo! 25% DISCOUNT on Bug Extermination – Good until Feb 28th


If you feel that critters have already invaded your home and have stayed in your mattresses, bed frames and headboards and furniture seams, threatening your children, do something now to eliminate these pests. Before you get seriously scratching, this coupon is all you need to get your home bug-free.  We are giving away 25% discount on our bug extermination services until February 28 only.

Other than just pestering you all night, the presence of bugs, termites, ants and mosquitoes can put your family’s health at risk.   Many of these critters are known to carry and spread harmful diseases. Florida pest control experts said that once in your home, bugs can scamper quickly to a new hiding place and it’s just a matter of time before they begin increasing in numbers. If the problem gets remedied early, your home will be free from critters before it sustains serious damage.

Parents should be worried about bug bites. Children, especially babies and toddlers are potentially at risk because they play at areas where insects breed, nest and congregate. Bites of mosquitoes, chiggers (harvest mites), fleas, and bed bugs usually cause itchy, red bumps. However, mosquitoes can sometimes be a carrier of serious blood-borne diseases. Meanwhile, bites of most kinds of termites and cockroaches can be painful and can cause serious blisters or even severe life-threatening allergic reaction among kids.

We don’t want you to wait for another day to eliminate the problem, so we are giving away this limited-offer coupon.  We experts of suggest that now is the right time to start arming your home against the onslaught of those nuisance critters.

Grab your phone and dial our hotlines (904) 425-7341 to schedule pest control service for your Jacksonville home and do not forget to mention the coupon code: BUGSY28.

Visit our service page: Jacksonville Florida Pest Control to get rid of bugs at home and to protect your children.