Pest Control Service in Jacksonville, FL to Feature Dragonfly Drones

In over 10 years of business, we at BugManiacs have learned that dealing with bugs requires developing advanced approaches to extermination. For this reason, we are looking to incorporate dragonfly drone technology into our comprehensive pest control service in Jacksonville, FL. By using drones, we can further intensify our efforts and improve our success rate in pest extermination.

By mimicking the shape, size, and movements of a real dragonfly, our planned drones can penetrate, survey, and monitor bug and pest activities in homes and backyards. Through them, you will be able to chart the location of the insects and easily identify the areas where they breed and multiply. These devices are patterned after the micro-drones that are primarily used by the military for 24/7 surveillance missions.

With the drones looking just like dragonflies, they can be easily maneuvered around the problem areas without easily rattling or alarming the real pests. Using a remote control system, you will be able to fly the drone in different places, including hard-to-reach ones, take photographs and images of the infestation, and plot further steps towards eradicating it.

We are deploying this new technology to further enhance our Jacksonville pest control service, which has benefited thousands of households in the area. Our extensive procedure for dealing with pests begins with a thorough on-site evaluation conducted by our expert technicians. We follow this up by controlling the source of the problem, applying solutions like sealants and spackle, among others, to contain infestation.

We then begin the extermination procedure using our eco-friendly chemicals and methods. Afterwards, as part of the BugManiacs mission to keep homes pest-free for life, we conduct maintenance services that include full orientations on how to keep pests from coming back to a house. We also schedule visits, free of charge for the first two years after initial service, to monitor any further occurrence of problems in our customers’ houses.

More than a decade ago, we started our business in a small neighborhood in Florida and have since grown to serve the entire area. Driven by our commitment to provide effective bug, ant, termite, and mosquito extermination services, we combine state-of-the-art technology with a homegrown, fail-safe formula to deliver quality results and service. We provide solutions that can be adapted to the specific needs of our clients and are in accordance with local regulations.

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