One Reason Why Jacksonville, Florida Mosquito Control is Necessary: Bugs are Costly

[5 NBC Chicago, August 13, 2013]

As many as 60 people, members of a south side Chicago church drum and bugle corps, say they were bitten by bugs during a several nights stay at a Cincinnati-area hotel. Eight members of Bishop Paul Hall’s Christ Universal Church said they planned on visiting an emergency room on Monday night because the bites were so severe. An adult who went on the trip said some of the bites appeared to be from bed bugs. Others may have been fire ants. The attacks were so severe chaperones said they cut the trip short, leaving the Ramada Inn in nearby Florence, Ky., a day earlier than planned.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t let the bed bugs bite; a Chicago-based drum and bugle corps learned. Their bed bug bites were so severe, according to the above report, that the corps cut their visit short by a day and paid a visit to an emergency room. The bishop managing the drum and bugle corps said it just wasted $4,000 in renting at least 30 rooms whose beds were crawling with bed bugs. It’s a reminder of just how dangerous, costly, and annoying bugs in general can be.

Bed bugs are generally harmless but they can be really annoying, both physically and financially. They may not be able to transmit or spread disease, but they can leave you with an itchy face or neck. However, it isn’t just bed bugs you need to worry about; mosquitoes and roaches are just as troublesome. Due to their sheer numbers and the fact that they love hiding in hard-to-reach spots, professional mosquito control in Jacksonville, Florida must be called to handle mosquito infestations.

Mosquito control isn’t any different from general insect control; the target may be different but the idea and method are the same. Fumigation is often seen as one of the most effective and common ways to deal with a large bug problem like the one in the report. Large-scale fumigation puts the entire house or building on lockdown before gassing on the inside. It won’t take long before occupants can enter their home again.

There’s also small-scale fumigation where Jacksonville mosquito control teams like BugManiacs gas selected areas. These are effective in taking out possible bug colonies and nests. Whatever method you choose, never, ever let the bed bugs bite.