Of Ants and Rants: Using Efficient Ant Control in Jacksonville, FL

The Athens Patch website has an article that aims to educate the public about the threat of the tawny crazy ant. This species may not have a nasty bite, but they’re notorious for their erratic and disruptive behavior. The article has this to say of the minute menace:

“They’re reddish in color, very tiny, and they run around and scurry really fast. And they don’t march in a straight row like Argentine ants,” Morgan said.

He sent a sample to UGA entomologist Dan Suiter, an Extension specialist in urban entomology housed on the UGA campus in Griffin. The samples were confirmed as tawny crazy ants (Nylanderia fulva) by taxonomist Joe MacGown at the Mississippi Entomological Museum.

The ant is classified as a nuisance because of its attraction to electricity and because it travels in masses. It likes to get into electrical boxes, Suiter said.

Large accumulations of the ant can cause short circuits and clog switching mechanisms, which can result in electrical shortages in phone lines, air conditioning units, chemical-pipe valves, computers, security systems and other electrical locations.

These ants cause a lot of frustration among homeowners because they frequently mass around appliances and wiring. The reason why they’re drawn to electronics is still a mystery, but one popular theory states that they are always looking for prime nesting space since unlike other species of ants, they can’t make their own nests. Florida is one of the states where they are known to have numerous colonies and residents of the area have surely had run ins with these critters in their homes.

Tawny crazy ants are also known as Rasberry crazy ants, are are called ‘crazy’ due to the nonlinear and random paths they take while walking. It’s alarming to know that this type multiplies very quickly and can outnumber other ants, allowing them to dominate a given area. Those who are suffering from an invasion by these and other bugs should consider hiring services for ant control in Jacksonville, FL.

Folks dealing with such infestations will be disheartened to hear that these crazy ants are resistant to most insecticides that affect other species. Thus, to better control pests, residents should call upon a reliable service for ant control in Jacksonville from companies like Bug Maniacs. Expert exterminators are sure to have all the right equipment to snuff out the invading vermin and save your home from further harm.

(From These Ants Will Drive You Crazy, Athens Patch, September 17, 2013)