Mosquito Control in Jacksonville, Florida Should be a Top Priority

According to a professor from the University of Florida, “Florida is certainly among the leaders in the world in professional mosquito control”. This bold statement is backed up by the tremendous amount of effort and investment made by the state against unwanted pests. As a matter of fact, the New York Times says that Florida is taking mosquito control to a whole new level:

With a $9.7 million budget, money that comes from a special tax, the Mosquito Control District here relies on two planes, four helicopters and nearly 100 employees to spot mosquitoes and their hard-to-see larvae, track their movements and kill them. Most common are salt marsh mosquitoes and the Aedes aegypti.

The district is considering buying a small drone that can use infrared technology to see hidden pools of water amid tangles of mangroves and sea grass on hard-to-access islands. The drones, about 2 feet long, have never been used for mosquito control.

Of course, the focus on pest control is prevalent in the state because there is a genuine problem that needs to be dealt with. For instance, Jacksonville’s proximity to the St. Johns River and its warm and wet climate make it an ideal breeding ground for various insects. Oftentimes, the best way to deal with them is to deny them any area to lay eggs on. This can be done by conducting thorough inspections around your property to root out all possible breeding grounds by eliminating stagnant water sources and conducting thorough cleanup habits.

Commercial and home chemicals that people typically employ can be hazardous to health and are often ineffective especially against species that are resistant to certain chemicals. Luckily, companies that offer efficient mosquito control in Jacksonville, Florida like Bug Maniacs are well-prepared to handle any outbreak in your home or business.

Untrained people aren’t usually able to spot all the areas where mosquitoes can thrive, and one ignored space is enough for them to multiply uncontrollably. There is no room to be complacent because the diseases that mosquitoes can inflict, such as Encephalitis and West Nile Fever, are very serious and can potentially be fatal. This is why professional Jacksonville mosquito control services are needed if you detect a growing insect problem.

(From In Florida, the Front Lines of a High-Pitched, Bite-Size War, The New York Times, September 29, 2013)