Knowing When and to Hire a Reliable Jacksonville, Florida Exterminator

Jacksonville’s warm climate makes it ideal to take leisurely strolls on its vast stretches of lovely beaches. Unfortunately, this warmth also invites all kinds of pests and some of them can be very dangerous for a home’s occupants, particularly children. How do homeowners know if they need to call in a qualified Jacksonville, Florida exterminator? An article on Clemson University’s website offers some tips:

Do I need a pest control operator? You may need the services of a professional to solve your pest problem if you have one of the following situations:

  • Termites. It is rare that a homeowner can adequately and safely treat termite infestations.
  • The pests are potentially dangerous, like nesting wasps or brown recluse spiders.
  • You don’t know what the pests are, where they are nesting or how they are entering your home.
  • The pest infestation is in a sensitive area to treat such as around food areas, electrical equipment, wells or in rooms where infants, children or elderly spend a lot of time.
  • The pests are in a difficult area to treat such roofs, attics, chimneys or crawlspaces.
  • You are unsure or worried about your ability to use insecticides properly.

Once they assess that pest control is required, residents must keep in mind that various insects can pose health and structural risks. Mosquitoes carry deadly viruses and termites can undermine a home’s foundations so homeowners should approach the matter seriously. The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension offer a few tips regarding hiring a reliable specialist to do the job.

A company’s reputation is the most important thing to look for. Going online and reading through recommendations from past clients is a good way to start. Scheduling a home inspection from multiple exterminators is a good step to follow so that you can assess and compare their levels of expertise. Afterward, you should hire the company which can best serve your needs based on their planned procedures and techniques.

When there are some obvious signs of a pest infestation in a home, owners shouldn’t take chances and call on expert pest control services from reliable Jacksonville exterminators like Bug Maniacs to avoid accidental mishaps. They know exactly which methods to use to effectively get rid of any insect problem and keep residents out of harm’s way.

(From Choosing A Professional Pest Control Company, Clemson University)