Knocking on Wood: Calling for Termite Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

The WTSP online news portal has a special feature on the rise of the number of termite attacks across Florida. Apparently, rain can dampen soil and encourage termites to venture out of their subterranean nests in search of food. Their insatiable hunger for wood can be very destructive as detailed by the article:

But McChesney warns that it doesn’t take years for subterranean to do major damage and take a giant bite out of your wallet.

“They eat 24 hours a day. They never stop eating, nor do they sleep,” he says. “The average amount of damage is $8,000, and that’s before a homeowner even notices them.”

It’s enough to make a homeowner lose some sleep, but you can take some preventive measures. McChesney advises homeowners to fix all leaks inside their home, move mulch and landscape timbers away from the foundation, and to check that exterior siding or stucco isn’t meeting the soil.

McChesney and independent experts also recommend an inspection every year.

Unfortunately, termites are at large in areas like Florida due to the combination of warmth and moisture that such areas experience every year. This is particularly true for the subterranean variety of termites, which needs moisture to support their underground tunnels. These bugs typically feed on rotting wood that is usually in abundance following heavy downpours. They are so voracious that they are also known to chew on furniture and books.

Termites never stop eating, and that’s naturally a concern for owners of homes that are made of delicate wooden components. Even just one unattended infestation can cause thousands of dollars in damage and this can endanger the lives of a home’s occupants due to the resulting weakened structures. Residents should be wary of such risks and shouldn’t hesitate to call a service for termite treatment in Jacksonville, FL from companies like Bug Maniacs.

Folks should be wary the moment they spot winged mature termites. Their presence is an unmistakable sign that an infestation is already underway, since they can only come from a nearby colony and they intend to create a new one on your property. While there are a number of ways to control and prevent termite invasions, the most reliable solution is to leave the job to a Jacksonville termite control expert for a thorough and non-toxic cleanup.

(From Rains may be growing termite problems,, September 12, 2013)