Kiss Pests Goodbye with Professional Jacksonville FL Termite Treatment

Sneaky little pests, termites are. They could be thriving behind your walls and chewing up your home bit by bit, without you even having a clue as to their presence. writer Josh Clark shares the various signs to look out for if you think your Jacksonville home is infested and being slowly consumed by these creepy crawlies so you could call in Jacksonville, Florida termite treatment experts like the BugManiacs while there’s still enough time.

Termites thrive on the cellulose from plant sources in nature like trees and other vegetation in fields and forests. When much of this timber is felled and used as lumber for building houses, the insects still regard it as their food source and will naturally pursue it. Thus, mating adults are often seen flying around residential areas hoping to establish new colonies in the wood of houses. Once they do find a source (e.g. your home), it would be hard to get rid of them, so you’ll need professional hands who could help you out.

Despite their minute size, termites live in vast colonies in which unique hierarchies dictate the kinds of tasks each individual animal does. The danger in this is that as termites keep living in secret in and around your house, they continue to reproduce and make the hive even bigger. This means that if left untreated, termites would definitely eat the stability out of your home and endanger anyone living in it.

One of the first signs of termites that are easily spotted are little pellets of fecal matter around wood structures or objects. This is a huge sign that termites have moved from the soil outside your home and into the walls, crawlspaces, floors, or just about anywhere they could find some delicious wood. Luckily, they leave traces behind that you or an expert in termite inspection in Jacksonville, Florida could easily follow.

As threatening as they are, individual termites are actually fragile creatures that require living conditions like adequate moisture, which is why they build mud tubes around walls and floors that act as tunnels for them to get to different places. These tunnels, should lead you to a hollowed-out piece of lumber that could be easily cracked by a tap from a screw driver. This tells you for sure that you have termite housemates, and that you should call in exterminators who could help you knock the termites out of your house, and teach you how to keep it that way.

Termite specialists like the BugManiacs can inspect and treat your home safely even with pets and children around, so you won’t have to worry about their treatments affecting your health. With a 4-phase Intervention that starts from Evaluation, Control, Extermination, and Maintenance, you’re sure to bid these pests farewell, and restore the safety and stability of your own home.