Jacksonville, Florida Mosquito Control for the First Hundred Who Need It


50% discount on Jacksonville, Florida mosquito control for first 100 customers everyday.
Promo available from February to November.

Fly swatters ain’t enough? Bring out the big guns!

Mosquitoes love Florida’s warm weather. Unfortunately for Jacksonville homeowners, their properties could be infested by swarms of disease-carrying mosquitoes. What do you do when fly swatters aren’t enough to put these bloodsuckers down? You call heavy-duty pest management technicians from BugManiacs, of course.

For the duration of Jacksonville’s mosquito season, which runs from February to November, get 50% off Jacksonville, Florida mosquito control services from BugManiacs if you’re among the first 100 customers for the day. In other words, if you missed your chance today, there’s always tomorrow. However, rapid response won’t come unless you ask for it, so it’s important not to delay any response to pest problems.

BugManiacs utilizes state-of-the-art mosquito control equipment and environmentally-friendly solutions to keep the swarm off your skin. Our effective Jacksonville mosquito control solutions are trusted by the residents of Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Don’t let mosquitoes make the unbearable Floridian heat even more unbearable. Call us today—(904) 425-7341—or visit our business address at 3005 Kline Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32246.

Safeguard your home and family from dangerous diseases like malaria and dengue today.

  • Promo valid from February to November (mosquito season for the southernmost regions).
  • Promo only available to Jacksonville, Florida residents.
  • Interested customers must call BugManiacs (904) 425-7341 or visit our business addres at 3005 Kline Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32246 to qualify for promo.
  • Promo cannot be used with other active promos.