Jacksonville, FL Termite Treatment: Get Ready to Fight Formosan Termites

Home and business owners in Florida beware—a new threat that will require the help of a Jacksonville, FL termite treatment professional may be on its way toward you: Formosan termites. According to an ABC News report, these pests cause about $300 million in damages in New Orleans each year, and now they are moving north, east, and west. They’ve already been found in at least 11 states, and scientists say they can attack with such vengeance that they make domestic termites seem almost tame.

Formosan termites have established strongholds from Florida to California, and although scientists first thought the termites would restrict their habitat to warm areas, that may not be the case—those damp basements in northern regions may be very much to their liking. According to the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Formosan variety are the most voracious termites in the world.


Where they came from

These ravenous devourers came from East Asia and arrived in southern ports at the end of World War II. For decades, they lay low, gradually increasing their numbers until they were large enough to launch an all-out attack. They have infested much of New Orleans for years now, which seems to have been tailor-made for their specific needs. They have such a huge chokehold on the city that experts have all but given up hope of ever eliminating them there.


Power in numbers

Formosan termite colonies are massive, thus enabling them to create great damage in a very short time. While basic termite colonies number in the thousands, Formosan colonies range in the millions. So while domestic colonies will only consume about seven pounds of wood per year, a Formosan colony will wolf down a whopping 1,000 pounds per year.

What’s more, they just don’t eat wood. When they get thirsty, they can eat through the seals of high-pressure water lines. They can even penetrate brick, cement, plastic, and other materials you’d never think possible just to get to food and water.

In an instance of termite infestation, a dedicated Jacksonville termite control specialist like BugManiacs can keep your property safe. Call their office the minute you observe proof of the existence of termites on your property.