Jacksonville FL Pest Control Experts: Lessons to Be Learned from a Guitar Prodigy’s Experience

Trailblazing Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, 49, died recently from liver failure, which was originally believed to have stemmed from a spider bite he received three years ago. Although the coroner’s report later nixed this theory, and declared that the “Angel of Death” composer died of alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver, that insect attack in 2010 did take its toll on the musician’s body and the months following it were spent mostly in the hospital or in treatment. In fact, there isn’t any evidence yet to conclude that the bite had totally nothing to do with his weakened resistance to illness and infection.

Matilda Battersby of The Independent reported that tributes are pouring in for the American thrash metal guitarist from millions of heavy metal fans worldwide. The news of his death raised a lot of points, including the importance of pest control in Jacksonville FL in dealing not just with spiders but with every insect in the animal kingdom. What happened to Hanneman, simply speaking, can happen to anyone.

Hanneman reportedly noticed the bite while in a hot tub, but felt no pain initially. Within the next few days, the wound worsened, and he made frequent trips to the hospital, ending up with several surgeries to remove the mass of dead and dying tissues on his bitten arm. He had to undergo rehab to regain his arm’s strength after losing muscle mass, and had to receive skin grafts as well. Had he sought medical help immediately, antibiotics would have sufficed and damage would have been kept to a minimum.

Details on the spider that bit Hanneman are rather scarce, but doctors confirmed that he had contracted necrotizing fasciitis. It’s a flesh-eating disease in which the infection causes the connective tissues to die, and it is being linked to organ failure. The disease is relatively rare, with only around 750 known cases occurring every year.

While the species of the killer arachnid wasn’t specified, related studies point to the brown recluse spider. However, its range only extends to most of the southern U.S. States, such as Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama, in addition to some areas in the southern Midwest. California, where Hanneman seemed to have received the bite, is basically beyond the range of wild and domestic brown recluse spiders.

Hanneman’s death may have been heartbreaking for his fans, but it left a silver lining for others: a lesson to get pest control services to prevent insects from attacking, and maybe even doing any life-threatening damage. Jacksonville FL pest control firms like BugManiacs always work to get rid of pests, to prevent subtle bites from weakening the victim’s immune system and eventually causing fatal harm.