Jacksonville, FL Pest Control CEO to Attend Summit in Los Angeles

It is our life-long dream that every household in Jacksonville be pest-free, and it has always been our mission to provide safe and effective Jacksonville, FL pest control solutions. Which is why the CEO of Bug Maniacs is excited for the upcoming National Pest Control Summit 2013 on September 30 at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, California, to learn new things from other industry experts from around the country.

With over 1,000 participants expected to attend, the summit aims to discuss the latest advancements in the world of pest control as well as the trends, issues, and other concerns affecting the industry. Speakers from various sectors are slated to share valuable knowledge and opinions that will benefit all attendees. There will also be representatives from the government who will discuss pressing concerns and development in different areas across the country, as well as vendors who will share their insights regarding the business.

Moreover, environmental experts are also expected to shed light on the effects of the latest pest control innovations on the environment, and provide tips and guidelines on how to utilize them effectively and maximize their benefits. With Bug Maniacs being the frontrunner when it comes to pest control in Jacksonville, our CEO would want to continue providing exceptional services that are safe, economical, and environment-friendly.

And to date, our extensive line of services beats what other pest control providers in Jacksonville offer. We deal with all kinds of bugs and pests like ants, mosquitoes, bees, termites, and the like with superb precision and get rid of the root of the problem. We successfully combined state-of-the-art technology with our home-grown formula to put an end to pest and bug-related problems in countless numbers of households in the area. We conduct evaluations and detections of bug infestations with remarkable accuracy which enables us to perform exterminations.

And we don’t stop there, as we see to it that our clients will remain pest-free through our maintenance services that equip their houses with solutions that will keep the bugs away for good. In addition, we are also scheduled to incorporate drone technology in our services to effectively monitor and conquer pest territory without them realizing it.

With the upcoming summit in September and other developments in the company, residents of Jacksonville can expect nothing but improved services, cutting edge products, and superior customer service. So keep on checking our website at www.BugManiacs.com for more updates.