Jacksonville Bed Bug Exterminator Releases Pest Control Infographic

They say that knowledge is power, and if you don’t know what is happening or what you are dealing with, chances are, you will be at the losing end. And since educating our clients and the general public is part of our company’s mission, Bug Maniacs, your trusted neighborhood bed bug exterminator, came up with a colorful and detailed infographic that shows important statistics and valuable facts related to bed bugs.

Created in a manner that is easy to read and understand, the infographic explains data gathered from various studies regarding bed bugs, as well as the pest control industry. Shown are the growth of the bed bug population over the past few years which ballooned to 500% along with the 95% increase of pest control companies from 2000 to 2010. Meanwhile, a more alarming statistic is that 26% of the total bed bug population all over the United States can be found in Jacksonville, Florida, which is probably why you are scratching your leg or arm as of the moment.

After showing how much they have grown in number, we also show the favorite places they like to hang out, which are mainly in your bedroom. These little creatures like to stay and hide in pillows, mattresses, and small cracks and crevices, among others. And if you have no idea how a bed bug bite looks like, we also posted pictures of bite samples, as well as the pest itself, just so you would know how these small pests look like.

We also listed down a few preventive tips to keep bed bugs off your bedroom and in other parts of the house. In addition to that, we put important reminders on how to choose the right Jacksonville, FL bedbug control company that will give you the best value for your money. We advise you to check their background, track record, and qualifications before hiring any of them.

And as far as Bug Maniacs is concerned, we continue to provide the best pest control in the area by combining some of the latest technologies and industry innovations with our safe and effective home-grown formula. We also provide topnotch customer service right from the evaluation and examination of the houses to the extermination process, all the way to the maintenance part of the program.

As we continue our fight against bugs and pests, we vow to empower our valued clients and equip them with valuable knowledge that will help them be more vigilant against household pests. Keep on checking our website at www.BugManiacs.com for more updates.