Going Natural on Plausible Bed Bug Treatment Options

A team of researchers in the University of California-Irvine and the University of Kentucky have stumbled upon a natural way to corral pests, bed bugs in particular. The method, which involves using leaves of kidney beans, has been the traditional strategy of housewives in Eastern Europe for centuries. Studies revealed that the leaves had tiny hooks called “trichomes” that were able to pierce or snag the pests’ legs and lock them in further.

The emergence of more natural pest control methods can work wonders for homeowners who may be experiencing the side effects of harmful chemicals in various insecticides. As more environmental concerns surface about chemical usage in insecticides, pest control firms such as Bug Maniacs are exploring alternative methods and adding these to their existing bed bug treatment options. The result would be increased protection for homeowners who want to sleep soundly at night.

Homeowners with a recurring bed bug problem have good reason to visit a credible pest control company. The company’s experts will first do an on-site inspection of the home and mark out the places where the pests breed. In the case of bed bugs, breeding grounds are created when a person comes home from an infested location carrying some of the bugs in his clothes. It takes months before the bed bug population multiplies to alarming levels.

A pest control firm can move in and set up extermination measures right at the source of infestation, using insecticides with natural substances. These may include artificial versions of the kidney leaf traps. However, the research team admitted it had difficulty replicating the trichomes’ characteristics through synthetic polymers, and the result wasn’t as good as the natural trap. Some bed bugs were able to wriggle their legs away from the artificial trichomes and walk to freedom. Further tests are in the offing. Team member and entomologist Dr. Catherine Loudon said that advances in microscopic material production in the future can give rise to special bio-inspired bed bug traps.

Meanwhile, if the pest control work is successful, the technicians can come back to provide regular checkup of the property. The company can also educate the entire household on stop-gap ways to curtail pest infestation, such as washing long-used bedsheets. The extermination and maintenance program may last a few years, but the initial leg will be free-of-charge.

Bed bugs are, indeed, nasty critters to deal with. Jacksonville bug control companies like BugManiacs are nastier, though. Once you decide to work with them, such firms would map out total pest eradication solutions with you at affordable rates, using natural methods.