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The coastal community of Fernandina Beach is rich in culture, and is best known for its shrimp industry. While Fernandina Beach seems like the perfect idyllic community with its colorful history and romantic coastal location, it is still prone to the risks of pest infestations common all over the state of Florida.

Due to Florida’s humid weather, areas within the state like Fernandina Beach are at high risk of having to deal with vermin. Insects love humid climates, as the conditions allow them to thrive and multiply with ease. Homeowners in the area are going to need more than just regular old insecticide spray to keep pests off their residences.

If you have a pest problem and you live around the Fernandina Beach area, you can count on Bug Maniacs to help you out. We offer skilled pest management services to clients within and near our Jacksonville location, which includes the communities of Orange Park, Atlantic Beach, and Saint Augustine, among other places. We offer not only pest management, but also protection services.

Why Do Customers Choose Bug Maniacs?

We are a premier pest control company that offers a customer experience like no other. Bug Maniacs’ office is less than an hour away from Fernandina Beach, so we can attend to your urgent call or request within the same day. Whether you have a bed bug problem or a severe termite infestation, allow us to help you with our treatments. We invite you to see the difference yourself.

Fernandina Beach’s homeowners choose Bug Maniacs because:

  • We use proprietary pest control products that are green and non-toxic. We know that residue from insecticides and other similar substances can be harmful to both the environment and to people. Thus, we have formulated our own products that not only effectively handle vermin, but are safe to use as well.
  • Our business is very popular with customers within our wide service area—so popular that many new clients are referred to us by their family or friends. If someone recommended our bug control services to you, we ask that you give us an opportunity to prove why we are one of Florida’s highly-rated pest control companies.
  • Bug Maniacs offers a full-service pest control solution that ensures that your property will be free of vermin for a long time. From the initial assessment, to the pest management procedure, all the way to the periodic pest control arrangements, we take good care of your property and protect it from any more infestations.

Contact Details

Get in touch with Bug Maniacs by calling Raven Parker at (904) 425-7341. We’re happy to answer your calls and reply to your requests. We are located at 3005 Kline Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32246. We are open from 9am to 5pm daily, even on holidays. Pests do not rest, and neither do we.