Combine DIY efforts with Professional Help on Pest Control in Jacksonville

A New York Daily News article offered relevant information about dealing with annoying pests like bedbugs, as it gathered the advice of entomologist Jeff White from BedBug Central. BedBug Central, for which White acts as the technical director, is a website set up to be a source of useful information to help the public keep the annoying pests at bay.

White shares a clever way to trap the bugs that your grade schooler might have brought home with him or her. As a parent, you may want to heed his advice and “spend a few dollars on plastic storage bin with high smooth sides where your kids can stash their backpacks and reusable lunch bags.” This trick should work because climbing smooth surfaces is hard for these pests.

To safeguard your child who stays at a dorm, on the other hand, White suggests to look for traces of the bug’s presence in the room especially since “most dorm room beds have wooden headboards where bedbugs like to hide.” Additionally, “you can also buy a mattress encasement, which doesn’t prevent bugs, but makes them easier to spot.”

As for everyone else, White offers an economical but nonetheless effective trick to stop these pests from inconveniencing you. Easy to find items like “little cups placed under the legs of your bed can help you spot bugs before they become a full-on infestation, and also prevent them from crawling onto your mattress.”

Performing this measures won’t be a success if you don’t recognize a bedbug when you see one. “Do a little Internet searching to familiarize yourself, so you know when – and when not – to be concerned,” the White adds.

Although it’s good to know some do-it-yourself solutions to combat bedbugs, it’s still best to leave the matter in the hands of the professionals. If you’re looking for a company whose services include pest control in Jacksonville, check out and discuss your concerns.

As the article notes, “July, August and September bring a seasonal surge of bedbug reports due to warm weather,” better make sure that your home is safe from the hassles that they may bring. Since Bug Maniacs provides effective pest control in Jacksonville, Florida, you’ll have that peace of mind knowing that the pests aren’t too close for your comfort.

(From Go back to school without bringing home bedbugs, New York Daily News, August 21, 2013)