Choose a Jacksonville, FL Exterminator that Cares for the Environment

We at BugManiacs make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint even as we help customers rid their properties of pests. As a responsible and reliable Jacksonville, FL exterminator, we see to it that our services produce minimal impact on the environment. We use natural ingredients for our products and make sure that no artificial chemicals are released as byproducts of our treatment process.

All in all, we perform a four-phase intervention not only to eliminate pests from your home, but to keep them from coming back, as well. For the first phase, we inspect a site extensively to determine the cause of infestation. With our extensive experience in tracking down bugs, we can find their entry points and food sources, plus pinpoint other factors that draw them to your property.

Upon finding their reasons for setting up camp in your home, we begin making your house pest-free for the long run. Our team can seal cracks, fill holes with spackle paste, repair broken window screens, and do so much more to prevent pests from making their way into your house in the first place.

After setting up these preventive measures, we start applying the green methods and chemicals, courtesy of our own R&D department, that will benefit both you and the environment. The Earth-friendly mixture developed by our researchers repels mosquitoes, termites, ants, and other pests.

To eliminate mosquitoes, we use a water-based biodegradable formula that forces them away from your property and prevents them from returning. But we don’t just stop there—we also install simple mosquito-killing devices around your yard, practically turning your home into a mosquito exterminator.

When it comes to termites, we apply effective treatments to find termite queens and eliminate their entire colonies. For effective ant control, we locate and remove nests, then prevent the establishment of new ones. We also zero in on other kinds of creatures, including bedbugs, cockroaches, beetles, and wood borers that can make your house a far less comfortable place to live in.

To cap off all our services, our team gives a complete orientation on how to keep pests from a home once extermination is done. We’ll never stop being proactive in helping you deal with all sorts of nuisances. Because we value your comfort, we’ll also schedule complimentary follow-up visits within two years to check if any bugs or pests resurface.

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