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Jacksonville, Florida Mosquito Control for the First Hundred Who Need It


50% discount on Jacksonville, Florida mosquito control for first 100 customers everyday.
Promo available from February to November.

Fly swatters ain’t enough? Bring out the big guns!

Mosquitoes love Florida’s warm weather. Unfortunately for Jacksonville homeowners, their properties could be infested by swarms of disease-carrying mosquitoes. What do you do when fly swatters aren’t enough to put these bloodsuckers down? You call heavy-duty pest management technicians from BugManiacs, of course. Read More…

August is the Time to Call a Bed Bug Exterminator for Free Services


Free bedbug service for the month of August
From August 1-31, 2013

September is National Bedbug Awareness Month, August is calling the expert bed bug exterminator

Bedbugs are nasty company no matter what time you hit the sack. Their bites won’t hurt, but they will leave an itch that’s hard not to scratch. That’s why BugManiacs will be taking the fight to the bedbugs today. Read More…

Get Rid of ‘Em All Through Mosquito Control in Jacksonville Florida

We’re mad about bugs! Every Saturday, starting April 9 to June 31, you can win a month-long supply of products for mosquito control in Jacksonville Florida!

With Jacksonville’s Jazz Festival just right around the corner, you wouldn’t want to endure an otherwise enjoyable Saturday being attacked by pesky mosquitoes, ruining all the fun. So, why not do something about it yourself? Redeem this coupon every Saturday starting April 9 to June 31, and stand to win a month’s worth of anti-mosquito products absolutely free!

Mosquito control in Jacksonville Florida is as holistic as it can get. Yet even authorities admit that the task can be challenging without the participation of the community’s residents. With its subtropical climate and a large body of water on its east coast, Jacksonville has plenty of damp and humid places for mosquitoes to breed.

Jacksonville mosquito control experts certainly have their hands full throughout the year, since no matter how hard they try, the bugs just keep coming back. However, you can certainly help turn the tide by taking advantage of this promo. You can prove that Saturday is not a good day to be a mosquito!

  • Redeemable on the following Saturdays: April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18, 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2013.
  • Prior reservations are required 24 hours before desired redemption date.
  • For reservations, please call 425-7341 local 904 or direct line 425-7341. Subject to availability.
  • For groups of 10 or more persons, reservations are required 48 hours before desired redemption date. Please email your coupon to ______________ or fax your coupon to (904) 425-7341 upon reservation. Cancellations are allowed up to 48 hours prior to reservation date or coupon is forfeited.
  • One (1) coupon is good for one (1) job only.
  • Coupon Value must be used in (1) visit.
  • Coupon value is inclusive of all taxes and charges.
  • Any purchases in excess of the coupon value must be settled directly with the merchant, subject to applicable taxes and charges.

Let a Reliable Bed Bug Exterminator Zap Those Critters Away for a Good Night’s Sleep

Losing shut-eye? Enjoy Mother’s Day with a 25% discount when you call a trusted bed bug exterminator in Jacksonville FL to make sure those pests have taken their last bite.

Springtime in Jacksonville may be in full swing, yet bed bugs can thrive happily all year round. In 2010, a Jacksonville family made headline news when one member was refused medical treatment simply because bed bugs were found on her clothing. The vile pests thrived in their beds, hid in their clothing, and disrupted their sleep for months before the family decided to take action.

Due to their miniscule dimensions, bed bugs may not seem too threatening. However, their bites can subject you to unsightly red spots and unbearable itchiness. These tiny parasites thrive well in any season, with hot weather accelerating their growth rate in the summer months. So at the first sign of bed bug infestation, be sure to call on a dependable bed bug exterminator like Bug Maniacs.

Bed bugs cannot easily be eliminated merely by a daily change of bed linens since these pests can still sneak into hard-to-reach areas like furniture crevices and the gap between mattress springs. The smartest way to deal with these creatures is to call in Jacksonville FL bedbug control experts like Bug Maniacs. Give us a call today and discover how you can enjoy sound, uninterrupted sleep in any season.

  • One (1) coupon is good for one (1) job.
  • Redeemable starting Mother’s Day, May 12, until May 31.
  • Promo strictly for Jacksonville, Florida residents.
  • Reservations strictly required. Kindly indicate that you are using a coupon.
  • Cancellations must be made at least three (3) working days before the appointment to avoid coupon forfeiture.
  • Inclusive of applicable taxes and charges.
  • Not valid in conjunction with other promos and discounts.

Earth-friendly pest control service in Florida doesn’t get any better than this!

The countdown to Earth Hour of 2013 has begun, and we’re giving you 25% off on our earth-friendly Bug Extermination services for termites if you book now until March 23.

Earth Hour 2013 officially happens on March 23 at 8:30 in the evening. Incidentally, the same week marks the universal first week of spring, otherwise known as the vernal equinox. You know what spring brings—termites!

In fact, according to Jacksonville FL pest control experts, termite season in the US roughly coincides with the March to November Major League Baseball season. Just as baseball pros start swatting fastballs and curveballs and adding numbers to their homerun statistics, termites begin swarming, i.e., king and queen pairs leave their colonies in search of new nesting sites.

So now is just about the right time to start arming your home against the onslaught of those wood-sucking critters.  Grab your phone and dial our hotlines at (904) 425-7341 to schedule pest control service for your Jacksonville home.  If you’re outside Florida right now but want to schedule an On-site Evaluation for your home in Jacksonville, dial (904) 425-7341.

Visit our service page: Pest control in Jacksonville FL to get rid of termites in your Florida home now!

Promo! 25% DISCOUNT on Bug Extermination – Good until Feb 28th


If you feel that critters have already invaded your home and have stayed in your mattresses, bed frames and headboards and furniture seams, threatening your children, do something now to eliminate these pests. Before you get seriously scratching, this coupon is all you need to get your home bug-free.  We are giving away 25% discount on our bug extermination services until February 28 only.

Other than just pestering you all night, the presence of bugs, termites, ants and mosquitoes can put your family’s health at risk.   Many of these critters are known to carry and spread harmful diseases. Florida pest control experts said that once in your home, bugs can scamper quickly to a new hiding place and it’s just a matter of time before they begin increasing in numbers. If the problem gets remedied early, your home will be free from critters before it sustains serious damage.

Parents should be worried about bug bites. Children, especially babies and toddlers are potentially at risk because they play at areas where insects breed, nest and congregate. Bites of mosquitoes, chiggers (harvest mites), fleas, and bed bugs usually cause itchy, red bumps. However, mosquitoes can sometimes be a carrier of serious blood-borne diseases. Meanwhile, bites of most kinds of termites and cockroaches can be painful and can cause serious blisters or even severe life-threatening allergic reaction among kids.

We don’t want you to wait for another day to eliminate the problem, so we are giving away this limited-offer coupon.  We experts of suggest that now is the right time to start arming your home against the onslaught of those nuisance critters.

Grab your phone and dial our hotlines (904) 425-7341 to schedule pest control service for your Jacksonville home and do not forget to mention the coupon code: BUGSY28.

Visit our service page: Jacksonville Florida Pest Control to get rid of bugs at home and to protect your children.