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50% Discount on Jacksonville, Florida Mosquito Control Services

Jacksonville, Florida (August 08, 2013) – BugManiacs is offering 50% discount for the first 100 customers of the day who avail of their Jacksonville, Florida mosquito control services. This promotion runs from February to November, which is considered a mosquito season in the southernmost regions of Florida.

The first 100 customers of the day who call the company for mosquito control services are qualified for the 50% discount. Those who miss their chance can still call the next day to avail of the promo, as long as they contact the company no later than November of this year. This offer is open to all Florida residents. Read More…

Trusted Bed Bug Exterminator Offers Free Removal Services this Month

Jacksonville, Florida (August 08, 2013) – BugManiacs, one of the most trusted bed bug exterminator, is offering bed bug removal services for free to Florida residents in preparation for for next month’s National Bed Bug Awareness Month. The promotion runs for the whole month of August.

The free service includes bed bug assessment and treatment, as well as tips on how to spot a bedbug infestation. This offer is exclusive to Florida residents only, and covers up to three affected beds per house. This promotion, however, cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Read More…

Jacksonville, Florida Mosquito Control Team Holds Anti-Mosquito Days

Jacksonville, Florida (May 17, 2013) – BugManiacs, a company specializing in mosquito control in Jacksonville, Florida, is considering all Saturdays from April 9 to June 31 “Anti-Mosquito Day.” Customers who have services scheduled and rendered on any of these Saturdays can redeem particular discount coupons found on the company’s website. These will give them a chance to win a month’s supply of free mosquito control products.

With plenty of local events scheduled in the coming weekends, Jacksonville residents do not want to spend what would otherwise be an enjoyable Saturday getting bitten by mosquitoes and having their fun ruined. By using high-quality mosquito control products, people can enjoy whatever event or activity they join without having to worry about the insects, which thrive in the state’s subtropical climate.

As a leading provider in Jacksonville of mosquito control and other pest extermination services, BugManiacs offers safe and holistic services guaranteed to rid properties of all infestations. These include a complete on-site pest evaluation, which allows the BugManiacs team to trace the source of whatever insect infestation is currently plaguing a home.

They then follow up that service with an extensive control process that eliminates the cause of infestation. When the source or cause of the infestation is addressed, their team of professionals goes about eliminating the existing pests by using environmentally friendly chemicals and methods. The solutions used are guaranteed to make bugs keel over but are not hazardous to the surrounding environment or the property’s occupants.

Homeowners looking to have the aforementioned pest extermination services rendered on their property leading up to the summer can visit the BugManiacs website to download an Anti-Mosquito Day coupon. They can have this redeemed when they have their homes serviced on any of the Saturdays between April 9 and June 31. One coupon is good for one job, and customers simply have to make sure they make a reservation before the desired redemption date.

To learn more about the promo and the rest of the company’s services, visit

About BugManiacs

Since being founded over 10 years ago, BugManiacs has established itself as one of the most relied upon pest management specialists in Jacksonville. The family-owned company deals with all types of insects, including a variety of bugs, ants, termites, and mosquitoes. They utilize environmentally friendly solutions and methods when rendering their services. The company also continues to be in good standing with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Bed Bug Exterminator Offers 25% Off in Celebration of Mother’s Day

Jacksonville, Florida (May 17, 2013) – BugManiacs, a highly reliable bed bug exterminator in Jacksonville, is offering residents of the city a special Mother’s Day promo. From May 12 to May 31, the company will provide their extermination services at 25% off.

As bed bugs are very minute and can hide in just about any type of material or fabric, their infestation of a home often goes unnoticed. People tend not to notice them until their numbers have become overwhelming and they already cause many hazards to health and inconveniences in general living—especially when they bite humans. Their bites can result in unsightly red spots on people’s skin and make them suffer unbearable itching.

While changing bed and furniture linens daily might slightly reduce the number of these insects, getting fully rid of them isn’t so easy. Thriving in all seasons, they have the uncanny ability to find their way into the smallest crevices and continue to multiply. Local residents whose homes have been infested are recommended to call an expert in bed bug control in Jacksonville, FL to ensure their complete elimination.

Providing professional pest control and extermination services for over a decade, BugManiacs has developed a four-phase intervention process that comprehensively addresses any issue with these insects. This involves a meticulous on-site evaluation to determine infested areas, a stage when the cause of the pest problem is fully addressed, and an extensive extermination process. Taking their services further afterwards, BugManiacs conducts scheduled maintenance that is free of charge for the next two years.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, residents of Jacksonville can get 25% off on one complete extermination job performed by BugManiacs on their home. To take advantage of the promo, they can download a coupon from the company’s website and redeem it between May 12 and May 31. Customers are required to make reservations and must indicate that they will be using the coupon. The promo is inclusive of applicable taxes and charges.

To learn more about the Mother’s Day special and download its corresponding coupon, visit

About BugManiacs

The local family-owned company entered the extermination industry over 10 years ago, when an unusual volume of pests invaded the neighborhood where the founders resided. After starting with a small clientele of neighbors, they have eventually grown to become one of the most relied upon exterminators in Florida. Along with bed bugs, they also expertly control and eliminate ants, termites, and mosquitoes.

Jacksonville, FL Pest Control Service Offers 25% Off on Termite Extermination

Jacksonville, Florida (February 13, 2013) – Bug Maniacs is offering their customers a 25% discount coupon on termite treatment services. The Jacksonville, FL pest control experts are providing the special offer in conjunction with this year’s Earth Hour on March 23rd. The move is part of the company’s effort to provide timely and affordable service as well as promote eco-friendly practices.

Valid until March 23, the 25% discount offer is applicable to termite on-site evaluate, control, extermination and maintenance services provided by BugManiacs. The offer is applicable to singular visits as well as the periodical packages that are paid for before the coupon’s expiration.

Customers looking to take advantage of the promotion need only visit the BugManiacs’ official website and download the coupon displaying the discount or simply mention the coupon code. Each home or property is eligible to the discount only once, and is not applicable to the company’s lawn maintenance and irrigation services.

Established in 2003, BugManiacs is committed to delivering complete pest extermination services to residences in Jacksonville and nearby areas. The company’s services include meticulous on-site pest evaluation, pest control, complete extermination, and the supply of maintenance materials.

BugManiacs employs only the most qualified and experienced pest control technicians in the area, and ensures they’re equipped with the latest and safest technologies. The “Mad About Bugs” company is fully licensed and insured, and has been a long standing member of the National Pest Management Association.

Along with providing the utmost in pest control services, BugManiacs is also committed to helping preserve the environment. All of the methods and materials used by the Florida pest control company are guaranteed 100% environmentally friendly, posing no threat to the exterminators, home owners, pets, and surrounding properties.

About BugManiacs

BugManiacs is a family owned company specializing in environmentally friendly pest control and extermination services. Based in Jacksonville, FL, BugManiac’s pest control service also extends to properties in St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Orange Park, and other areas in the Sunshine State. To download the 25% off coupon, interested parties can visit the company website. The company can also be reached at 904 425 7341 for more information.