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Knowing When and to Hire a Reliable Jacksonville, Florida Exterminator

Jacksonville’s warm climate makes it ideal to take leisurely strolls on its vast stretches of lovely beaches. Unfortunately, this warmth also invites all kinds of pests and some of them can be very dangerous for a home’s occupants, particularly children. How do homeowners know if they need to call in a qualified Jacksonville, Florida exterminator? An article on Clemson University’s website offers some tips:

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Keep Bloodsuckers Out Of Your Bed and Life with Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs may appear almost invisible to the naked eye, but those who let themselves get fooled by the size of these insects will be under the mercy of a range of negative health effects, ranging from skin rashes to psychological problems. Bed bugs have been plaguing mankind for thousands of years; and it seems that they have no intention of backing off. Leslie Yager of Norwalk Patch writes about how the current bed bug situation stands:

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When a Jacksonville, Florida Exterminator must be cautious in clearing Out Waste

Pest control using all-natural substances have just ran into an all-natural roadblock. According to Susan Milius of Science News:

Mixing their own poop into nest walls gives Formosan termites a bacterial boost in fighting off human attempts to destroy them with insect plagues.

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Why Nuclear Isn’t an Option for a Jacksonville, FL Exterminator

Explanation: The myth that cockroaches will inherit the Earth in the event of nuclear warfare surfaced shortly after the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Reports later emerged that the 300 million-year-old insects were among the razed Japanese cities’ only survivors. During the Cold War, anti-nuclear activists and scientists spread the myth far and wide as a cautionary tale of the atom bomb’s destructive potential.

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