Carefully Choosing the Most Efficient Bed Bug Treatment

From Bedbugs’ Genes May Protect Them From Insecticides, WebMD, September 9, 2013

An article on WebMD, posted last September 9, 2013 details how bed bugs might be more resilient to insecticide than previously believed. To quote the article:

It seems that bedbugs have genes that disarm pesticides. Most of the genes are active in the bugs’ outer shells, or cuticles. Some work to pump poisons away, before they can enter the insect’s bodies. Others genes break the chemicals’ molecular bonds, rendering them harmless.

Scientists at the University of Kentucky discovered the genes by surveying the entire genomes of 21 different bedbug populations from cities around the Midwest. It took four years to complete the study.

They found 14 genes that work in various combinations to thwart poisons called pyrethroids, the chemicals that have been the first-line agents against bedbug infestations.”

The discovery that bed bugs are genetically-capable of countering conventional extermination procedures gives an answer to the frequently asked question of why these critters are so relentless. With their tenacity and boundless thirst for blood, the pests can be very difficult to control if homeowners attempt to do it by themselves. They’ll need expert exterminators like Bug Maniacs to handle thorough bed bug treatment.

The researchers found that they can inject the bugs with RNA strands that can disable the resistant genes, rendering the pests vulnerable to normal insecticides. Naturally, this procedure is unfeasible for actual application, as it can be a real chore to catch each bug for injections. However, the proponents of the study are still looking into how how they can implement this method. Until then, scientists advise folks to clean rooms often to avoid having infestations.

While the RNA-based disabler is developed, folks will simply have to be more wary about how they handle bed bugs. Ordinary bug sprays might not be strong enough to work against the persistent critters. The pests are pretty good at hiding as well, and can be hiding in just about anywhere in a room. Even if a homeowner manages to spot their hiding places, there’s no easy way to ensure their complete destruction. It would be better to call upon exterminators who specialize in professional bugs control in Jacksonville.