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New UC Research May Change Jacksonville Pest Control Doctrine

[University of Cincinnati, April 9, 2013]

As if trapped in a never-ending B movie about evil invaders, Cincinnatians have been tormented by a six-legged scourge for years. To the chagrin of many throughout the Queen City, this monster isn’t an actor in a rubber alien costume; it’s the real thing – Cimex lectularius, better known as the common bed bug. The tiny, bloodsucking arthropods have burrowed so deeply and so broadly into the cracks, crevices and cushions of Greater Cincinnati’s households, they’ve literally given the city an itch it can’t scratch enough to make it go away. But there’s hope. Regina Baucom, an assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Cincinnati, has researched the DNA of local bed bug populations, and she’s found something that could lead to a better way to control the notoriously tough insects. Read More…

One Reason Why Jacksonville, Florida Mosquito Control is Necessary: Bugs are Costly

[5 NBC Chicago, August 13, 2013]

As many as 60 people, members of a south side Chicago church drum and bugle corps, say they were bitten by bugs during a several nights stay at a Cincinnati-area hotel. Eight members of Bishop Paul Hall’s Christ Universal Church said they planned on visiting an emergency room on Monday night because the bites were so severe. An adult who went on the trip said some of the bites appeared to be from bed bugs. Others may have been fire ants. The attacks were so severe chaperones said they cut the trip short, leaving the Ramada Inn in nearby Florence, Ky., a day earlier than planned.
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Jacksonville, FL Termite Treatment: Get Ready to Fight Formosan Termites

Home and business owners in Florida beware—a new threat that will require the help of a Jacksonville, FL termite treatment professional may be on its way toward you: Formosan termites. According to an ABC News report, these pests cause about $300 million in damages in New Orleans each year, and now they are moving north, east, and west. They’ve already been found in at least 11 states, and scientists say they can attack with such vengeance that they make domestic termites seem almost tame. Read More…

Jacksonville, FL Ant Control: Do You Have a “Crazy Ant” Problem?

In 2002, a Houston, Texas pest exterminator named Tom Raspberry encountered an army of ants he had never seen before. He observed that these ants were running around in senseless patterns, leading him to think that “they were crazy.” The incident was the first reported outbreak of these new types of ants, that’s why they’re often referred to as Raspberry Crazy Ants. Read More…

Jacksonville Bed Bug Exterminator Releases Pest Control Infographic

They say that knowledge is power, and if you don’t know what is happening or what you are dealing with, chances are, you will be at the losing end. And since educating our clients and the general public is part of our company’s mission, Bug Maniacs, your trusted neighborhood bed bug exterminator, came up with a colorful and detailed infographic that shows important statistics and valuable facts related to bed bugs.

Created in a manner that is easy to read and understand, the infographic explains data gathered from various studies regarding bed bugs, as well as the pest control industry. Shown are the growth of the bed bug population over the past few years which ballooned to 500% along with the 95% increase of pest control companies from 2000 to 2010. Meanwhile, a more alarming statistic is that 26% of the total bed bug population all over the United States can be found in Jacksonville, Florida, which is probably why you are scratching your leg or arm as of the moment.

After showing how much they have grown in number, we also show the favorite places they like to hang out, which are mainly in your bedroom. These little creatures like to stay and hide in pillows, mattresses, and small cracks and crevices, among others. And if you have no idea how a bed bug bite looks like, we also posted pictures of bite samples, as well as the pest itself, just so you would know how these small pests look like.

We also listed down a few preventive tips to keep bed bugs off your bedroom and in other parts of the house. In addition to that, we put important reminders on how to choose the right Jacksonville, FL bedbug control company that will give you the best value for your money. We advise you to check their background, track record, and qualifications before hiring any of them.

And as far as Bug Maniacs is concerned, we continue to provide the best pest control in the area by combining some of the latest technologies and industry innovations with our safe and effective home-grown formula. We also provide topnotch customer service right from the evaluation and examination of the houses to the extermination process, all the way to the maintenance part of the program.

As we continue our fight against bugs and pests, we vow to empower our valued clients and equip them with valuable knowledge that will help them be more vigilant against household pests. Keep on checking our website at for more updates.

Pest Exterminator in Jacksonville, FL Chooses Local Organic Pesticide

BugManiacs, your leading pest exterminator in Jacksonville, FL, will start using locally produced organic pesticide next month. Our new pesticide is made by a local chemical company, which is supported by an environmental group. By supporting local businesses, we can help create more jobs for your community. Using locally produced organic pesticide also means more savings for you since since we do not have to import it, so we don’t have to worry about shipping cost.

As part of our commitment to environmental protection, our organic pesticides are made from a mixture of natural ingredients that effectively gets rid pests in your property without harming your plants, loved ones, and pets. These natural substances include commercial bio pesticides, soaps, lime sulfur, hydrogen peroxide, and herbal extracts.

We also use specific chemicals for your various pest control needs. For termite infestation, we can use an organic termaticide that contains active ingredients such as oils of rosemary, wintergreen, or citrus extracts. For fleas, we may use boric acid or silica based dust, which dissolves the wax coating on the fleas’ body and dries them out.

Aside from using organic pesticides, we also employ other natural ways of extermination, which are all approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These include the use of repellants, baits, and traps. We combine pest control methods depending on the degree of infestation. For mosquito problems, for instance, we may apply screens on your windows and apply sealant on the holes in your home before spraying organic pesticides all over your mosquito-infested property.

As a team of homegrown exterminators in Jacksonville, FL, we at Bug Maniacs understand that maintaining a safe and pest-free environment is challenging. Our city is surrounded by different bodies of water that can easily become a breeding ground for insects. In as much as regular spraying of pesticide is important to keep our properties free from pest infestation, this activity could also leave toxic residue that are harmful to people, animals, and plants. That is why we go the extra mile by developing an intervention system that follows the use of Integrated Pest Management.

We also receive regular trainings to learn and apply new developments and methods in our pest control services. Most of us have taken further studies in Pest Management at the University of Florida. We also obtain materials from the Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida on a regular basis.

Our on-call personnel are always on standby. If you need an on-site evaluation or nonhazardous pest extermination service, do not hesitate to call us at (904) 425-7341 or visit our website at

Jacksonville, FL Pest Control CEO to Attend Summit in Los Angeles

It is our life-long dream that every household in Jacksonville be pest-free, and it has always been our mission to provide safe and effective Jacksonville, FL pest control solutions. Which is why the CEO of Bug Maniacs is excited for the upcoming National Pest Control Summit 2013 on September 30 at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles, California, to learn new things from other industry experts from around the country.

With over 1,000 participants expected to attend, the summit aims to discuss the latest advancements in the world of pest control as well as the trends, issues, and other concerns affecting the industry. Speakers from various sectors are slated to share valuable knowledge and opinions that will benefit all attendees. There will also be representatives from the government who will discuss pressing concerns and development in different areas across the country, as well as vendors who will share their insights regarding the business.

Moreover, environmental experts are also expected to shed light on the effects of the latest pest control innovations on the environment, and provide tips and guidelines on how to utilize them effectively and maximize their benefits. With Bug Maniacs being the frontrunner when it comes to pest control in Jacksonville, our CEO would want to continue providing exceptional services that are safe, economical, and environment-friendly.

And to date, our extensive line of services beats what other pest control providers in Jacksonville offer. We deal with all kinds of bugs and pests like ants, mosquitoes, bees, termites, and the like with superb precision and get rid of the root of the problem. We successfully combined state-of-the-art technology with our home-grown formula to put an end to pest and bug-related problems in countless numbers of households in the area. We conduct evaluations and detections of bug infestations with remarkable accuracy which enables us to perform exterminations.

And we don’t stop there, as we see to it that our clients will remain pest-free through our maintenance services that equip their houses with solutions that will keep the bugs away for good. In addition, we are also scheduled to incorporate drone technology in our services to effectively monitor and conquer pest territory without them realizing it.

With the upcoming summit in September and other developments in the company, residents of Jacksonville can expect nothing but improved services, cutting edge products, and superior customer service. So keep on checking our website at for more updates.

Calling in a Capable Bed Bug Exterminator to Beat Bloodsuckers


From Bedbug infestations on the rise in Wisconsin, Fox News, September 2, 2013

An article on the Fox News website published last September 2, 2013 details the rise of bedbug infestations in places like Wisconsin. The number of attacks have recently surged, and many people have complained about the bites. What’s worse, it’s looking more and more like the attacks are spreading across the country: Read More…

Combine DIY efforts with Professional Help on Pest Control in Jacksonville

A New York Daily News article offered relevant information about dealing with annoying pests like bedbugs, as it gathered the advice of entomologist Jeff White from BedBug Central. BedBug Central, for which White acts as the technical director, is a website set up to be a source of useful information to help the public keep the annoying pests at bay.

Read More…

Carefully Choosing the Most Efficient Bed Bug Treatment

From Bedbugs’ Genes May Protect Them From Insecticides, WebMD, September 9, 2013

An article on WebMD, posted last September 9, 2013 details how bed bugs might be more resilient to insecticide than previously believed. To quote the article:

It seems that bedbugs have genes that disarm pesticides. Most of the genes are active in the bugs’ outer shells, or cuticles. Some work to pump poisons away, before they can enter the insect’s bodies. Others genes break the chemicals’ molecular bonds, rendering them harmless. Read More…