August is the Time to Call a Bed Bug Exterminator for Free Services


Free bedbug service for the month of August
From August 1-31, 2013

September is National Bedbug Awareness Month, August is calling the expert bed bug exterminator

Bedbugs are nasty company no matter what time you hit the sack. Their bites won’t hurt, but they will leave an itch that’s hard not to scratch. That’s why BugManiacs will be taking the fight to the bedbugs today.

In preparation for National Bedbug Awareness Month this September, we’re offering a free bedbug service, from assessment to treatment, for the month of August. Aside from the service, you can also get pointers from our Jacksonville, FL bedbug control experts for spotting the signs of a bedbug infestation. Here at BugManiacs, we really don’t let the bedbugs bite…and for good reason.

Contrary to its name, bedbugs can thrive anywhere: couches, chairs, luggage, and, most recently, on planes. Even if the bed has fallen to disuse, bedbugs can survive for more than a year without feeding. They can spread to other furniture and prey on unsuspecting individuals. In addition, they can attack at any time of the day.

We don’t let bedbugs bite; why should you? Call us up at (904) 425-7341 for more information about our promo.

  • Promo valid within the month of August only
  • Promo valid for Florida residents only
  • Cannot be used with other active promos
  • Maximum of three (3) affected beds per home only