A Reliable Bed Bug Exterminator Can Remove All of Your Pest Problems

Bedbugs are very common among American households but few can actually notice them and thus, they’re frequently left to multiply. Norman Swan of ABC explains their various characteristics and the ways to spot them. For instance, a particular pheromone can be effective:

Norman Swan: So even though they are a centimetre in size when they are fully adult, they are still hard to find?

James Logan: They can be incredibly hard to find, and the reason is that they love to live in any nooks and crannies, hidden away behind skirting boards, underneath your furniture, behind pictures on the wall even or cracks in the wall. When pest controllers come in to investigate a potential bedbug infestation they find it very hard to find them. One way is to use dogs which can be trained to sniff out bedbugs, and they are sniffing out a smell which is associated with the bedbug faeces. And what this smell actually does is it attracts bedbugs, so it’s an aggregation pheromone…

Although the scent attracts bedbugs, they are also known to move around wherever there’s something to consume. Despite the name, they are actually known to infest any type of fabric and furniture such as drapes and sofas. Thus, homeowners can’t really get rid of an entire bedbug population in their home just by throwing out an old mattress.

The reason there are so many if these critters is that females are said to be able to lay up to a dozen eggs daily and they normally hatch within a few days. This means that thousands of bedbugs are potentially born each day so they can be very difficult to control. Residents can try thoroughly cleaning areas that are infested, but for better results, they should rely on the services of a trusted bed bug exterminator because professionals are better equipped with more advanced means of detecting and removing insect problems.

While they aren’t known to spread serious diseases, the bites of bedbugs can cause itchiness and irritation. Before problems intensify to uncontrollable levels, homeowners should call for bed bug control in Jacksonville, FL as the first option. Companies like Bug Maniacs are known for their expertise in dealing with various kinds of pest issues and they also do after-service checks to ensure that insects don’t return.

(From Don’t let the bedbugs bite, ABC.net.au, October 21, 2013)