A Professional Bed Bug Treatment Can Eliminate Bed Bugs Effectively

Everyone is familiar with the expression, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” However, this is easier said than done because according to Chris Gilmore of WCIJ.com, the bed bug population is increasing and this can be especially prevalent in areas with wet and humid climates like Florida.

99- percent of pest control professionals administered bed bug treatment over the past year according to the national pest management association.

Hotels college dorms and nursing homes were cited as the most common places for bed bug infestations, according to the responses of more than 250 pest control companies throughout the country.

Even though they are small, UF Entomologist Roberto Pereira says bed bugs can be found by inspecting used or rented furniture, “There is always a chance that if you buy something that is used furniture a used mattress or if you get it from somebody else that discarded it, there is a good possibility that bedbugs may be present in that furniture.”

More than 3 quarters of pest professionals consider bed bugs the hardest to control.

In reality, there is no scientific evidence that can point out that bed bugs carry diseases. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, bed bugs should not be regarded as a medical health hazard. However, this doesn’t mean that homeowners can look forward to a life of harmony with these pests and let them stay in their mattresses and pillows as guests; their bites still cause severe itchiness and irritation that can disrupt sleep.

Residents can apply DIY methods to try to control the growth of these pesky creatures. Regularly washing sheets, pillows, blankets, and covers that are riddled with bugs in warm water can limit their ability to multiply. However, if a bed bug infestation has already taken root in a home, even curtains, sofas, and clothes could already have pests living in them. In such cases, it’s best to seek professional bed bug treatment services to completely get rid them.

Bedbugs can be extremely irritating, and if you’re finding yourself scratching frequently at night, they’re the most likely culprits. You can’t expect, however, that simply cleaning up can fix the problem entirely since bedbugs are extremely resilient creatures. Thus, it’s smart to depend on a Jacksonville bedbug control company like Bug Maniacs.

(From Bed Bug Population on the Rise , WCJB.com, October 18, 2013)