50% Discount on Jacksonville, Florida Mosquito Control Services

Jacksonville, Florida (August 08, 2013) – BugManiacs is offering 50% discount for the first 100 customers of the day who avail of their Jacksonville, Florida mosquito control services. This promotion runs from February to November, which is considered a mosquito season in the southernmost regions of Florida.

The first 100 customers of the day who call the company for mosquito control services are qualified for the 50% discount. Those who miss their chance can still call the next day to avail of the promo, as long as they contact the company no later than November of this year. This offer is open to all Florida residents.

Mosquitoes thrive in warm and tropical places, like Florida. They are most active after the rainy season when there are plenty of places to breed. Their bites can cause itchiness and skin allergies. They do not just cause everyday inconvenience, but they also carry deadly diseases, such as dengue fever, malaria, and filariasis.

BugManiacs employs their four-phase intervention system as an effective and long-lasting solution for mosquito problems. This system includes an on-site pest evaluation, applying preventative measures to keep the parasites from causing more harm, extermination using safe and eco-friendly chemicals, as well as follow-up maintenance checkups.

BugManiacs is a leading Jacksonville mosquito control and pest management company. For over a decade, they serve as a one-stop source for pest extermination solutions. Their team of dedicated pest exterminators are led by Jeffrey Goude, a local who understands how the subtropical climate contributes to the occurrence of mosquitoes and other pests.

Aside from mosquito extermination, BugManiacs also provides ant, termite, and all other types of bug control services. They get rid pests using organic repellants, pesticides, and baits that takes care of the problem without harming residents and their pets. They provide pest prevention program, and schedule free follow-up visits for up to two years.

To avail of the 50% discount on mosquito control services, or to know more about their company, visit www.BugManiacs.com today.

About BugManiacs

Located in Jacksonville, FL, they provide mosquito, ant, termite, and pest control services. They use a four-phase intervention system to effectively exterminate pests and prevent future outbreaks. They also employ environment-friendly methods in all their pest management programs that targets the problem, but does not harm the health of homeowners and pets. Their team of dedicated and skilled staff is lead by Jeffrey Goude, a Jacksonville native who founded the company because of his strong desire to keep families safe from pest infestations.