September, 2013

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Effective Mosquito Control in Jacksonville, Florida to Battle West Nile Virus

The American Mosquito Control Association, in a press release, warned the public about the possible return of the dreaded West Nile virus, a disease carried by infected mosquitoes that causes a brain inflammation condition known as encephalitis. The advisory noted that:

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Relying on Reputable Pest Control Service in Jacksonville, FL to Keep Poisonous Spiders at Bay

(From “Brown widow, golden silk spiders creep northward in Alabama,” All Alabama, September 9, 2013)

The brown widow has distinct egg sacs, which are white and round with little spikes coming off them “like World War II landmines in the ocean,” Howell said.

Like the black widow, the brown widow has a distinct hourglass on its belly, but it tends to be yellow or orange, not red. Also like the black widow, the brown widow’s bite contains a neurotoxin, but by most accounts the spider’s bite isn’t as serious as the black widow’s. Read More…

Rise of Invasive Termites Must Be Met with Comprehensive Termite Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

As the Sunshine State, Florida has attracted many people from different cities and towns in the United States who wish to enjoy life in a sunnier climate. However, it is not just out-of-town folks who cruise along the beaches and swamplands of Florida. In recent years, giant rats, crocodiles, Burmese pythons and the many different species of ants and termites have plagued many Florida households.

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University of Florida: Seek Professional Ant Control in Jacksonville, FL When Dealing with Crazy Ants

The Gulf South is under attack by tawny crazy ants, which took about a decade to build an army big enough to harass Florida residents. As early as 2002, accounts on the destructive nature of these ants have been reported in Texas. Since then, the insects have established colonies in the coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and at least 20 counties in Florida, from Jacksonville and Gaineseville to the state’s southernmost rural reaches. A July 2013 St. Augustine Record article sheds light on these bugs:

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How a Reliable Jacksonville, Florida Exterminator Gets Rid of Household Pests and Keeps Pets Safe

(From “Pesticide poisoning of pets reported in Bradford,” The Bradford Era, August 27, 2013)

A Pesticide Information Profile study published by Cornell University found that mice fed microscopic doses of metaldehyde convulsed and died within two hours of administration.

In animals, ingestion of metaldehyde or its metabolites works by either slowing or speeding up functions of the central nervous system. This can result in impaired respiration and vasomotor systems, leading to death.

According to the Cornell study, autopsies of dogs poisoned with metaldehyde revealed congestion and hemorrhages in the liver, kidneys and heart.

The purportedly poisoned pets treated by MacNeill were nearly comatose and suffering from cardiovascular collapse, neurotoxicity, muscle spasms and seizures.

Of them, MacNeill said one dog has died and a cat continues to recover from the effects of metaldehyde.” Read More…

Hiring An Expert Bed Bug Exterminator for a Long-Term Solution To Bed Bug Infestation

To keep bed bugs from biting their way further into her Richmond, Vancouver apartment, Anne-Alicia Moore planned to elevate matters to the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority or RRHA. To prove her point, she captured dozens of the critters in bottles and bags, which she intends to show RRHA officials. Lorenzo Hall of WTVR writes about how others are faring in Richmond:

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An Expert Jacksonville, FL Exterminator Can Save Your Home By Getting Rid of Devastating Termites

Termite infestations can easily cause homeowners sleepless nights and anxiety attacks. After all, as Christopher Solomon writes in,These little buggers annually cause about $5 billion in damage to U.S. buildings, according to a National Pest Management Association estimate.” Read More…

Effective Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL is Necessary In Preventing the Outbreak of Deadly Dengue Fever

From Dengue fever presence in Florida at a ‘pretty serious level’, Al Jazeera America, 12 September 2013

Dengue fever, a debilitating disease caused by mosquitoes, may once again be on the outbreak in the state of Florida, as reported by Patricia Sagastume for Al Jazeera America: Read More…

Keep Bloodsuckers Out Of Your Bed and Life with Effective Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs may appear almost invisible to the naked eye, but those who let themselves get fooled by the size of these insects will be under the mercy of a range of negative health effects, ranging from skin rashes to psychological problems. Bed bugs have been plaguing mankind for thousands of years; and it seems that they have no intention of backing off. Leslie Yager of Norwalk Patch writes about how the current bed bug situation stands:

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Pest Control Service in Jacksonville, FL – On Sixth Gear to stop dengue

Dengue fever is leaving a nasty impression on the minds of public health officials in Florida. Greg Allen of WLRN radio in Miami reports:

Public health officials in Florida are once again scrambling to contain an outbreak of dengue fever, a disease spread by mosquitoes.

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