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Get Rid of ‘Em All Through Mosquito Control in Jacksonville Florida

We’re mad about bugs! Every Saturday, starting April 9 to June 31, you can win a month-long supply of products for mosquito control in Jacksonville Florida!

With Jacksonville’s Jazz Festival just right around the corner, you wouldn’t want to endure an otherwise enjoyable Saturday being attacked by pesky mosquitoes, ruining all the fun. So, why not do something about it yourself? Redeem this coupon every Saturday starting April 9 to June 31, and stand to win a month’s worth of anti-mosquito products absolutely free!

Mosquito control in Jacksonville Florida is as holistic as it can get. Yet even authorities admit that the task can be challenging without the participation of the community’s residents. With its subtropical climate and a large body of water on its east coast, Jacksonville has plenty of damp and humid places for mosquitoes to breed.

Jacksonville mosquito control experts certainly have their hands full throughout the year, since no matter how hard they try, the bugs just keep coming back. However, you can certainly help turn the tide by taking advantage of this promo. You can prove that Saturday is not a good day to be a mosquito!

  • Redeemable on the following Saturdays: April 6, 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18, 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2013.
  • Prior reservations are required 24 hours before desired redemption date.
  • For reservations, please call 425-7341 local 904 or direct line 425-7341. Subject to availability.
  • For groups of 10 or more persons, reservations are required 48 hours before desired redemption date. Please email your coupon to ______________ or fax your coupon to (904) 425-7341 upon reservation. Cancellations are allowed up to 48 hours prior to reservation date or coupon is forfeited.
  • One (1) coupon is good for one (1) job only.
  • Coupon Value must be used in (1) visit.
  • Coupon value is inclusive of all taxes and charges.
  • Any purchases in excess of the coupon value must be settled directly with the merchant, subject to applicable taxes and charges.

Let a Reliable Bed Bug Exterminator Zap Those Critters Away for a Good Night’s Sleep

Losing shut-eye? Enjoy Mother’s Day with a 25% discount when you call a trusted bed bug exterminator in Jacksonville FL to make sure those pests have taken their last bite.

Springtime in Jacksonville may be in full swing, yet bed bugs can thrive happily all year round. In 2010, a Jacksonville family made headline news when one member was refused medical treatment simply because bed bugs were found on her clothing. The vile pests thrived in their beds, hid in their clothing, and disrupted their sleep for months before the family decided to take action.

Due to their miniscule dimensions, bed bugs may not seem too threatening. However, their bites can subject you to unsightly red spots and unbearable itchiness. These tiny parasites thrive well in any season, with hot weather accelerating their growth rate in the summer months. So at the first sign of bed bug infestation, be sure to call on a dependable bed bug exterminator like Bug Maniacs.

Bed bugs cannot easily be eliminated merely by a daily change of bed linens since these pests can still sneak into hard-to-reach areas like furniture crevices and the gap between mattress springs. The smartest way to deal with these creatures is to call in Jacksonville FL bedbug control experts like Bug Maniacs. Give us a call today and discover how you can enjoy sound, uninterrupted sleep in any season.

  • One (1) coupon is good for one (1) job.
  • Redeemable starting Mother’s Day, May 12, until May 31.
  • Promo strictly for Jacksonville, Florida residents.
  • Reservations strictly required. Kindly indicate that you are using a coupon.
  • Cancellations must be made at least three (3) working days before the appointment to avoid coupon forfeiture.
  • Inclusive of applicable taxes and charges.
  • Not valid in conjunction with other promos and discounts.

What NPMA and Jacksonville FL Termite Treatment Firms Advise On Bed Bugs

Summers are a great time to get things done at home—from getting the roofing system fixed for the rainy season to having your trusted Jacksonville FL termite treatment specialists bug-proof your home. Families in Florida can participate in various home repair activities during summer, like repainting fences and deep-cleaning rugs, to take advantage of the brighter sunshine and longer hours of daylight.

The weather, however, can get unbearably hot in the Sunshine State. The large number of tourists that arrive in the city may also cause inconvenience to locals, especially those living near Downtown Core. For these reasons, some Jacksonville residents spend their summer elsewhere, staying in some hotel or visiting relatives in another state.

Vacationing Americans are advised to be extra careful, though; there’s no telling what they might take home with them from these trips. According to the latest survey released by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the University of Kentucky, bed bug infestation all over the United States is not waning. Almost 100 percent of the 251 pest management companies surveyed reported they had treated homes and buildings for bed bug infestation during the last 12 months.

The surprising bad news is that the presence of these tiny bloodsucking creatures is no longer confined to beds; they are found behind headboards, dressers and other room furniture. They have also set up camp in taxicabs, theaters, office conference rooms, and subways. The study revealed that 75 percent of survey respondents dealt with infestation in hotels and motels in the past year, 47 percent in college dorms, 46 percent in nursing homes, and 41 percent in schools and day care centers.

In light of these findings, NPMA Vice President for Public Affairs Missy Henriksen suggests that travelers should inspect their hotel rooms before unpacking, particularly the mattress seams and box spring, which are seldom replaced for new guests. She adds that they should never place their luggage on upholstered surfaces as these may be breeding grounds of bed bugs and other pests. Henriksen advises tourists to put their suitcases inside a plastic garbage bag during their entire stay to prevent bed bugs from settling in the luggage.

Pest management companies confirmed that bed bugs, termites and other pests attack more frequently during warm spring and summer. Since most people travel or relocate houses at this time, anyone coming from a bed bug-infested place can potentially transport these bugs to their homes. The only way to curb the national problem is for homeowners to call pest control professionals like BugManiacs.

These specialists can conduct bed bug extermination and termite inspection in Jacksonville FL. They are equipped with the proper knowledge to deal with various pests.

Going Natural on Plausible Bed Bug Treatment Options

A team of researchers in the University of California-Irvine and the University of Kentucky have stumbled upon a natural way to corral pests, bed bugs in particular. The method, which involves using leaves of kidney beans, has been the traditional strategy of housewives in Eastern Europe for centuries. Studies revealed that the leaves had tiny hooks called “trichomes” that were able to pierce or snag the pests’ legs and lock them in further.

The emergence of more natural pest control methods can work wonders for homeowners who may be experiencing the side effects of harmful chemicals in various insecticides. As more environmental concerns surface about chemical usage in insecticides, pest control firms such as Bug Maniacs are exploring alternative methods and adding these to their existing bed bug treatment options. The result would be increased protection for homeowners who want to sleep soundly at night.

Homeowners with a recurring bed bug problem have good reason to visit a credible pest control company. The company’s experts will first do an on-site inspection of the home and mark out the places where the pests breed. In the case of bed bugs, breeding grounds are created when a person comes home from an infested location carrying some of the bugs in his clothes. It takes months before the bed bug population multiplies to alarming levels.

A pest control firm can move in and set up extermination measures right at the source of infestation, using insecticides with natural substances. These may include artificial versions of the kidney leaf traps. However, the research team admitted it had difficulty replicating the trichomes’ characteristics through synthetic polymers, and the result wasn’t as good as the natural trap. Some bed bugs were able to wriggle their legs away from the artificial trichomes and walk to freedom. Further tests are in the offing. Team member and entomologist Dr. Catherine Loudon said that advances in microscopic material production in the future can give rise to special bio-inspired bed bug traps.

Meanwhile, if the pest control work is successful, the technicians can come back to provide regular checkup of the property. The company can also educate the entire household on stop-gap ways to curtail pest infestation, such as washing long-used bedsheets. The extermination and maintenance program may last a few years, but the initial leg will be free-of-charge.

Bed bugs are, indeed, nasty critters to deal with. Jacksonville bug control companies like BugManiacs are nastier, though. Once you decide to work with them, such firms would map out total pest eradication solutions with you at affordable rates, using natural methods.

Jacksonville FL Pest Control Experts: Lessons to Be Learned from a Guitar Prodigy’s Experience

Trailblazing Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, 49, died recently from liver failure, which was originally believed to have stemmed from a spider bite he received three years ago. Although the coroner’s report later nixed this theory, and declared that the “Angel of Death” composer died of alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver, that insect attack in 2010 did take its toll on the musician’s body and the months following it were spent mostly in the hospital or in treatment. In fact, there isn’t any evidence yet to conclude that the bite had totally nothing to do with his weakened resistance to illness and infection.

Matilda Battersby of The Independent reported that tributes are pouring in for the American thrash metal guitarist from millions of heavy metal fans worldwide. The news of his death raised a lot of points, including the importance of pest control in Jacksonville FL in dealing not just with spiders but with every insect in the animal kingdom. What happened to Hanneman, simply speaking, can happen to anyone.

Hanneman reportedly noticed the bite while in a hot tub, but felt no pain initially. Within the next few days, the wound worsened, and he made frequent trips to the hospital, ending up with several surgeries to remove the mass of dead and dying tissues on his bitten arm. He had to undergo rehab to regain his arm’s strength after losing muscle mass, and had to receive skin grafts as well. Had he sought medical help immediately, antibiotics would have sufficed and damage would have been kept to a minimum.

Details on the spider that bit Hanneman are rather scarce, but doctors confirmed that he had contracted necrotizing fasciitis. It’s a flesh-eating disease in which the infection causes the connective tissues to die, and it is being linked to organ failure. The disease is relatively rare, with only around 750 known cases occurring every year.

While the species of the killer arachnid wasn’t specified, related studies point to the brown recluse spider. However, its range only extends to most of the southern U.S. States, such as Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama, in addition to some areas in the southern Midwest. California, where Hanneman seemed to have received the bite, is basically beyond the range of wild and domestic brown recluse spiders.

Hanneman’s death may have been heartbreaking for his fans, but it left a silver lining for others: a lesson to get pest control services to prevent insects from attacking, and maybe even doing any life-threatening damage. Jacksonville FL pest control firms like BugManiacs always work to get rid of pests, to prevent subtle bites from weakening the victim’s immune system and eventually causing fatal harm.

Jacksonville, Florida Mosquito Control Team Holds Anti-Mosquito Days

Jacksonville, Florida (May 17, 2013) – BugManiacs, a company specializing in mosquito control in Jacksonville, Florida, is considering all Saturdays from April 9 to June 31 “Anti-Mosquito Day.” Customers who have services scheduled and rendered on any of these Saturdays can redeem particular discount coupons found on the company’s website. These will give them a chance to win a month’s supply of free mosquito control products.

With plenty of local events scheduled in the coming weekends, Jacksonville residents do not want to spend what would otherwise be an enjoyable Saturday getting bitten by mosquitoes and having their fun ruined. By using high-quality mosquito control products, people can enjoy whatever event or activity they join without having to worry about the insects, which thrive in the state’s subtropical climate.

As a leading provider in Jacksonville of mosquito control and other pest extermination services, BugManiacs offers safe and holistic services guaranteed to rid properties of all infestations. These include a complete on-site pest evaluation, which allows the BugManiacs team to trace the source of whatever insect infestation is currently plaguing a home.

They then follow up that service with an extensive control process that eliminates the cause of infestation. When the source or cause of the infestation is addressed, their team of professionals goes about eliminating the existing pests by using environmentally friendly chemicals and methods. The solutions used are guaranteed to make bugs keel over but are not hazardous to the surrounding environment or the property’s occupants.

Homeowners looking to have the aforementioned pest extermination services rendered on their property leading up to the summer can visit the BugManiacs website to download an Anti-Mosquito Day coupon. They can have this redeemed when they have their homes serviced on any of the Saturdays between April 9 and June 31. One coupon is good for one job, and customers simply have to make sure they make a reservation before the desired redemption date.

To learn more about the promo and the rest of the company’s services, visit

About BugManiacs

Since being founded over 10 years ago, BugManiacs has established itself as one of the most relied upon pest management specialists in Jacksonville. The family-owned company deals with all types of insects, including a variety of bugs, ants, termites, and mosquitoes. They utilize environmentally friendly solutions and methods when rendering their services. The company also continues to be in good standing with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Bed Bug Exterminator Offers 25% Off in Celebration of Mother’s Day

Jacksonville, Florida (May 17, 2013) – BugManiacs, a highly reliable bed bug exterminator in Jacksonville, is offering residents of the city a special Mother’s Day promo. From May 12 to May 31, the company will provide their extermination services at 25% off.

As bed bugs are very minute and can hide in just about any type of material or fabric, their infestation of a home often goes unnoticed. People tend not to notice them until their numbers have become overwhelming and they already cause many hazards to health and inconveniences in general living—especially when they bite humans. Their bites can result in unsightly red spots on people’s skin and make them suffer unbearable itching.

While changing bed and furniture linens daily might slightly reduce the number of these insects, getting fully rid of them isn’t so easy. Thriving in all seasons, they have the uncanny ability to find their way into the smallest crevices and continue to multiply. Local residents whose homes have been infested are recommended to call an expert in bed bug control in Jacksonville, FL to ensure their complete elimination.

Providing professional pest control and extermination services for over a decade, BugManiacs has developed a four-phase intervention process that comprehensively addresses any issue with these insects. This involves a meticulous on-site evaluation to determine infested areas, a stage when the cause of the pest problem is fully addressed, and an extensive extermination process. Taking their services further afterwards, BugManiacs conducts scheduled maintenance that is free of charge for the next two years.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, residents of Jacksonville can get 25% off on one complete extermination job performed by BugManiacs on their home. To take advantage of the promo, they can download a coupon from the company’s website and redeem it between May 12 and May 31. Customers are required to make reservations and must indicate that they will be using the coupon. The promo is inclusive of applicable taxes and charges.

To learn more about the Mother’s Day special and download its corresponding coupon, visit

About BugManiacs

The local family-owned company entered the extermination industry over 10 years ago, when an unusual volume of pests invaded the neighborhood where the founders resided. After starting with a small clientele of neighbors, they have eventually grown to become one of the most relied upon exterminators in Florida. Along with bed bugs, they also expertly control and eliminate ants, termites, and mosquitoes.

Bug Maniacs Incorporating Micro-drones to Jacksonville, FL Ant Control

Because we want to continually deliver the best results to our clients, our BugManiacs team is incorporating hummingbird drones into our Jacksonville, FL ant control and pest extermination services. With these devices, homeowners will have a better and more effective tool for monitoring bugs and pests in their homes and backyards, as well as removing them.

Mini-drones, such as our intended hummingbird models, were primarily developed to aid law enforcement agencies in covert surveillance and search-and-rescue operations. However, over time, researchers have found ways to make these miniature robots just as useful to the general public.

For instance, the real estate industry uses them to take aerial photos and videos. Journalists and sports photographers also consider them as substitutes for helicopters. At Bug Maniacs, we hope to harness their potential to rid every house in Florida of unwanted tenants such as ants, bugs, termites, and mosquitoes.

Currently under development, our range of mini-drones will act as supplementary gadgets to a trusted system that we have been using for 10 years. They will be fitted with imaging sensors and navigation features, allowing them to track and record the breeding and nesting locations of household bugs and pests. Using the information these devices collect, our experienced team can then proceed to hunt down and root out these insects through our four-phase intervention process.

First, we carry out an on-site evaluation, during which our team examines and analyzes your home conditions to determine the cause of infestation. Next, we address the problem by using sealants and spackles, as well as by fixing up your garden, plumbing, and window screens, to keep out pests.

After controlling the infestation, BugManiacs’ technicians set about exterminating the insects from your house and yard. We do this using environment-friendly chemicals and methods for you and your family’s safety.

Lastly, we treat you to a full orientation on what you can do to maintain a pest-free situation. This way, you can take a more proactive role in protecting your house from the risks that insects pose. In addition, we provide free follow-up checks for the first two years after service.

Founded by people who have personally experienced the inconvenience that comes with pest infestations, BugManiacs hopes to save you and your family from the hassle of having these insects in your home. For more information about our trusted service for yard ant control in Jacksonville and other offerings, visit

Pest Control Service in Jacksonville, FL to Feature Dragonfly Drones

In over 10 years of business, we at BugManiacs have learned that dealing with bugs requires developing advanced approaches to extermination. For this reason, we are looking to incorporate dragonfly drone technology into our comprehensive pest control service in Jacksonville, FL. By using drones, we can further intensify our efforts and improve our success rate in pest extermination.

By mimicking the shape, size, and movements of a real dragonfly, our planned drones can penetrate, survey, and monitor bug and pest activities in homes and backyards. Through them, you will be able to chart the location of the insects and easily identify the areas where they breed and multiply. These devices are patterned after the micro-drones that are primarily used by the military for 24/7 surveillance missions.

With the drones looking just like dragonflies, they can be easily maneuvered around the problem areas without easily rattling or alarming the real pests. Using a remote control system, you will be able to fly the drone in different places, including hard-to-reach ones, take photographs and images of the infestation, and plot further steps towards eradicating it.

We are deploying this new technology to further enhance our Jacksonville pest control service, which has benefited thousands of households in the area. Our extensive procedure for dealing with pests begins with a thorough on-site evaluation conducted by our expert technicians. We follow this up by controlling the source of the problem, applying solutions like sealants and spackle, among others, to contain infestation.

We then begin the extermination procedure using our eco-friendly chemicals and methods. Afterwards, as part of the BugManiacs mission to keep homes pest-free for life, we conduct maintenance services that include full orientations on how to keep pests from coming back to a house. We also schedule visits, free of charge for the first two years after initial service, to monitor any further occurrence of problems in our customers’ houses.

More than a decade ago, we started our business in a small neighborhood in Florida and have since grown to serve the entire area. Driven by our commitment to provide effective bug, ant, termite, and mosquito extermination services, we combine state-of-the-art technology with a homegrown, fail-safe formula to deliver quality results and service. We provide solutions that can be adapted to the specific needs of our clients and are in accordance with local regulations.

Schedule an appointment with us by visiting or calling (904) 425-7341.

Choose a Jacksonville, FL Exterminator that Cares for the Environment

We at BugManiacs make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint even as we help customers rid their properties of pests. As a responsible and reliable Jacksonville, FL exterminator, we see to it that our services produce minimal impact on the environment. We use natural ingredients for our products and make sure that no artificial chemicals are released as byproducts of our treatment process.

All in all, we perform a four-phase intervention not only to eliminate pests from your home, but to keep them from coming back, as well. For the first phase, we inspect a site extensively to determine the cause of infestation. With our extensive experience in tracking down bugs, we can find their entry points and food sources, plus pinpoint other factors that draw them to your property.

Upon finding their reasons for setting up camp in your home, we begin making your house pest-free for the long run. Our team can seal cracks, fill holes with spackle paste, repair broken window screens, and do so much more to prevent pests from making their way into your house in the first place.

After setting up these preventive measures, we start applying the green methods and chemicals, courtesy of our own R&D department, that will benefit both you and the environment. The Earth-friendly mixture developed by our researchers repels mosquitoes, termites, ants, and other pests.

To eliminate mosquitoes, we use a water-based biodegradable formula that forces them away from your property and prevents them from returning. But we don’t just stop there—we also install simple mosquito-killing devices around your yard, practically turning your home into a mosquito exterminator.

When it comes to termites, we apply effective treatments to find termite queens and eliminate their entire colonies. For effective ant control, we locate and remove nests, then prevent the establishment of new ones. We also zero in on other kinds of creatures, including bedbugs, cockroaches, beetles, and wood borers that can make your house a far less comfortable place to live in.

To cap off all our services, our team gives a complete orientation on how to keep pests from a home once extermination is done. We’ll never stop being proactive in helping you deal with all sorts of nuisances. Because we value your comfort, we’ll also schedule complimentary follow-up visits within two years to check if any bugs or pests resurface.

Learn more about our services in green pest extermination for Jacksonville homes. Visit today.