February, 2013

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Jacksonville, FL Pest Control Service Offers 25% Off on Termite Extermination

Jacksonville, Florida (February 13, 2013) – Bug Maniacs is offering their customers a 25% discount coupon on termite treatment services. The Jacksonville, FL pest control experts are providing the special offer in conjunction with this year’s Earth Hour on March 23rd. The move is part of the company’s effort to provide timely and affordable service as well as promote eco-friendly practices.

Valid until March 23, the 25% discount offer is applicable to termite on-site evaluate, control, extermination and maintenance services provided by BugManiacs. The offer is applicable to singular visits as well as the periodical packages that are paid for before the coupon’s expiration.

Customers looking to take advantage of the promotion need only visit the BugManiacs’ official website and download the coupon displaying the discount or simply mention the coupon code. Each home or property is eligible to the discount only once, and is not applicable to the company’s lawn maintenance and irrigation services.

Established in 2003, BugManiacs is committed to delivering complete pest extermination services to residences in Jacksonville and nearby areas. The company’s services include meticulous on-site pest evaluation, pest control, complete extermination, and the supply of maintenance materials.

BugManiacs employs only the most qualified and experienced pest control technicians in the area, and ensures they’re equipped with the latest and safest technologies. The “Mad About Bugs” company is fully licensed and insured, and has been a long standing member of the National Pest Management Association.

Along with providing the utmost in pest control services, BugManiacs is also committed to helping preserve the environment. All of the methods and materials used by the Florida pest control company are guaranteed 100% environmentally friendly, posing no threat to the exterminators, home owners, pets, and surrounding properties.

About BugManiacs

BugManiacs is a family owned company specializing in environmentally friendly pest control and extermination services. Based in Jacksonville, FL, BugManiac’s pest control service also extends to properties in St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Orange Park, and other areas in the Sunshine State. To download the 25% off coupon, interested parties can visit the company website. The company can also be reached at 904 425 7341 for more information.

Earth-friendly pest control service in Florida doesn’t get any better than this!

The countdown to Earth Hour of 2013 has begun, and we’re giving you 25% off on our earth-friendly Bug Extermination services for termites if you book now until March 23.

Earth Hour 2013 officially happens on March 23 at 8:30 in the evening. Incidentally, the same week marks the universal first week of spring, otherwise known as the vernal equinox. You know what spring brings—termites!

In fact, according to Jacksonville FL pest control experts, termite season in the US roughly coincides with the March to November Major League Baseball season. Just as baseball pros start swatting fastballs and curveballs and adding numbers to their homerun statistics, termites begin swarming, i.e., king and queen pairs leave their colonies in search of new nesting sites.

So now is just about the right time to start arming your home against the onslaught of those wood-sucking critters.  Grab your phone and dial our hotlines at (904) 425-7341 to schedule pest control service for your Jacksonville home.  If you’re outside Florida right now but want to schedule an On-site Evaluation for your home in Jacksonville, dial (904) 425-7341.

Visit our service page: Pest control in Jacksonville FL to get rid of termites in your Florida home now!

Promo! 25% DISCOUNT on Bug Extermination – Good until Feb 28th


If you feel that critters have already invaded your home and have stayed in your mattresses, bed frames and headboards and furniture seams, threatening your children, do something now to eliminate these pests. Before you get seriously scratching, this coupon is all you need to get your home bug-free.  We are giving away 25% discount on our bug extermination services until February 28 only.

Other than just pestering you all night, the presence of bugs, termites, ants and mosquitoes can put your family’s health at risk.   Many of these critters are known to carry and spread harmful diseases. Florida pest control experts said that once in your home, bugs can scamper quickly to a new hiding place and it’s just a matter of time before they begin increasing in numbers. If the problem gets remedied early, your home will be free from critters before it sustains serious damage.

Parents should be worried about bug bites. Children, especially babies and toddlers are potentially at risk because they play at areas where insects breed, nest and congregate. Bites of mosquitoes, chiggers (harvest mites), fleas, and bed bugs usually cause itchy, red bumps. However, mosquitoes can sometimes be a carrier of serious blood-borne diseases. Meanwhile, bites of most kinds of termites and cockroaches can be painful and can cause serious blisters or even severe life-threatening allergic reaction among kids.

We don’t want you to wait for another day to eliminate the problem, so we are giving away this limited-offer coupon.  We experts of suggest that now is the right time to start arming your home against the onslaught of those nuisance critters.

Grab your phone and dial our hotlines (904) 425-7341 to schedule pest control service for your Jacksonville home and do not forget to mention the coupon code: BUGSY28.

Visit our service page: Jacksonville Florida Pest Control to get rid of bugs at home and to protect your children.

Zero In on the Problem: Try the New Bug Maniacs Jacksonville, FL Pest Control Service

Jacksonville, FL pest control company, BugManiacs, has added an additional service to their comprehensive list of eco-friendly bug control and extermination services. The company’s new service – On Site Pest Evaluation – seeks not only to find bugs, but also to see why the property became infested with unwanted pests in the first place.

The company’s expert pest control technicians perform a thorough inspection of a home using advanced methods and technology to find the hiding places of the pests, and the pathways to them. The vice president of BugManiacs, Tom Making says, “Just spraying chemicals around a home may temporarily get rid of the pests, but without finding the sources and causes of the infestation, they will just return to haunt you again and again.”

BugManiacs’ skilled technicians begin by locating the largest areas of infestation, and then tracing it back to the source using their own proprietary “bug tracking” technology. This special system tags the pests with a biodegradable chemical that reacts to the bug’s particular chemistry and emits a very specific radio frequency, which can be detected using an electronic device.

This way, the pest control team can trace the bug’s path and find every crack or void through which the pests enter the home and hide. These pathways can then be treated and blocked off to prevent re-entry. Their “maniac” bug technicians come armed with sealant, spackle, garden, and plumbing implements, window screen repair materials, and other tools to completely block the pest’s entry to a property.

Additionally, the professional exterminators at BugManiacs consult with the homeowners to discover what things might be making it easier for bugs to thrive in the home. They will help them to eliminate such things as food sources, moisture, and other factors that create a favorable environment for the offending creatures.

What sets BugManiacs apart from any other pest control service that Jacksonville has to offer is its holistic approach to pest management. By using a combination of cutting edge technologies, eco-friendly products, and effective preventive measures, they are able to rid a property of pests without creating a toxic environment for the inhabitants of a home.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite – an Infographic by BugManiacs.com – Jacksonville FL Pest Control

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite - an Infographic by BugManiacs.com - Pest Control in Jacksonville, Florida


Studies revealed that over the past few years, the U.S. bed bug population has increased by an alarming 500%. It is more concerning to note that the increase reflects the same trend in different areas:  Northwest: 19%, Southwest: 13%, Midwest: 20%, Northeast: 17%, and Southeast: 26%.

Without a doubt, bed bugs are everywhere! But in the figures above, the highest concentration is in the Southeast.

The rising bug population can be a cause to worry. More and more homes are seeking for professional help to control the spread of bed bugs.  This is the reason why there was also a 95% increase recorded in the number of pest control companies from the year 2000 to 2010.

Curiously now, have you wondered where the favorite hiding places of these nasty bed bugs are?  Florida pest control experts said they take cover in cracks and crevices around headboards or in walls; in radios, phones and clock near beds; and, in pillows, mattresses and box springs. And these restless bed bugs can spread easily in the other rooms of your house.

Sorry but you cannot easily spot these creepy-crawly creatures. If you wake up one morning and have those itchy, red bumps and blisters all over your arms, then you know that you have been bitten and bugs have indeed attacked your home.

There are ways to get rid of bed bugs.  These prevention tips should temporarily remedy the problem:

  • Eliminate clutter in and around your bed
  • Avoid “curbside” furniture
  • Purchase and use mattress covers
  • Conduct routine inspections of your bed and surrounding areas
  • Wash new clothes after purchasing them

But know that bed bugs infestations continue if the bed itself is not free of bugs, or if there are cases where the bed gets re-infested, which could happen quite easily. So, better yet, hire a professional to do the job. There are many pest control Jacksonville FL companies, however be sure to check for these qualifications:

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Building Assessment
  • Pre-treatment Inspection
  • Steam or other types of heat treatment
  • Pesticides specifically intended for bedbugs

So, never allow these bed bugs to bite you. Grab your phone and dial our hotlines at (904) 425-7341 to schedule pest control service for your Jacksonville home. If you’re outside Florida right now but want to schedule an On-site Evaluation for your home in Jacksonville, dial (904)-425-7341.

Visit our service page: Jacksonville Pest Control to get rid of termites in your Florida home now!



Will we ever… get rid of bed bugs? BugManiacs Jacksonville, FL Pest Control Service has the answer

A BBC.com article digs into the alarming threat of bugs and takes a closer look on how the industry experts are trying to finds ways to eradicate the problem. After reading here that “95% of US pest control companies had treated a bed bug infestation in 2009, up from 25% a decade before,” we realized that bugs have been increasing and have indeed been invading our homes — without us even noticing.

Why? The same survey mentioned in the article provided the explanation: “…the majority of pest control operators from , Africa, Australia, Europe and North America said bed bugs were the most difficult insect pest to control, more so than termites, ants, and even the formidable cockroach.

“Most difficult to control” can be tough for anyone to handle, indeed. And with the areas mentioned, it can be gleaned from the survey that no place is bug-free.  Looks like pest control Jacksonville FL experts have a lot of bug-busting jobs to cover.

It is interesting that the article offered some information on how the pest control industry is measuring up when the author asked if there is chemical cure available this time around.  She went to ask if there are any relief to be found in the numerous bed bug products and services on the market.

And it said that chemicals are not the sole answer.  Heat treatments is offered as the ideal solution because studies have proven that bed bugs expire at 45C.

This is good news because there are pest control companies in Florida, like BugManiacs which uses heat treatments to get rid of bed bugs along with other pest control technologies they employ.

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