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Jacksonville, FL residents are no strangers to the nuisance of household pests. Unfortunately, some pests are more than just a nuisance; they can severely inhibit the quality of life of your entire family. The next time you see pests scurrying across your floors or walls, give us a call and they’re as good as gone.

Established in 2003, Bug Maniacs is your source for the best pest control management services in all of Jacksonville, FL. We have helped countless people deal with the most common pests in the area. Our entire team of highly trained and dedicated professionals is armed with the latest in pest control technology, ensuring the extermination of any pest threatening your home.

What We Can Do for You

As the leading pest control service in Jacksonville, we offer our customers a comprehensive set of services designed to keep their homes free of troublesome pests. Simply put, you can rely on us to get the job done.

We are happy to offer you the following services:

In line with our exemplary and eco-friendly extermination services, our team can rid your home of the following pests:

A Name You Can Trust

We place an emphasis on total customer satisfaction—and it shows! Over the years, customers have come to associate our name with excellent results. As a result, our customers never hesitate to refer us to their family and friends. In fact, the majority of our existing customers found us through referrals.

Our winning combination of friendly professionals and effective bugs control solutions has helped us earn numerous accolades. When we say we are “The Best Pest Control Company in Jacksonville”, we mean it. Bug Maniacs was voted as such by the readers of The Florida Times-Union! We are also honored to have earned the following distinctions:

Say Goodbye to Household Pests!

Don’t let household pests bug you and drive you mad! Whenever you require the help of experienced exterminators, know that you can always count on Bug Maniacs to bump off any unwanted pests in your home. If you are experiencing any problems with pests, call us at (904) 425-7341, and we’ll send one of our exterminators to assist you ASAP.

Bug Maniacs is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, but we are more than happy to provide our award-winning pest control services to homeowners from surrounding areas such as:

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